The Only Crystal on the Planet that can Absorb Dark Energy

A Tektite’s Energy is unmistakable.

Anyone who has seen or been in contact with this stone can attest to this. It resonates at such a high frequency that it has the ability to elevate one’s consciousness.

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The most powerful crystal on the planet which absorbs dark energy is Tektite

You’ve most likely heard before that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and this holds true throughout the entire spectrum of human spirituality. All emotions and feelings we experience is energy borrowed, transmuted, and emitted from our auric field. Through this spectrum, there is a simple polarity of good and bad, positive and negative, and although we can experience variations of both, they’re essentially of the same origin.

Negative energy is as difficult to expel as positive energy is to attain, to most if not all. Yet, this negativity is not destroyed nor the positivity created from nothing. It must go somewhere and must be transmuted in order to properly be released from your energetic centers and auric fields. Many crystals have the ability to ease distresses which are caused by heartbreak, emotional imbalance, mental disturbances, and other spiritual as well as physical ailments. But there is only one which can completely dispel and absorb negative (dark) energy.

Dark energy is formed when one experiences intense feelings of emotional upset which some may describe as regret, guilt, grief, anger, and agony, and cannot expel it - or at least not in a healthy way (in which case, it cannot be called expulsion). This energy is built up within the cycle of an obsessive mind, recycling negativity and seemingly unable to find an exit in order to reach hope. Persons experiencing unbearable discomfort and pain while living with dark energy will usually seek out a spiritual healer who utilizes the healing properties of various crystals as well as purposeful methods in order to push out and encourage the release of this unwelcome energy.

Having been first used by Franz Eduard Suess in 1900, the name tektite comes from the Greek word tektos meaning “molten”. To call tektite a powerful cleanser would not do justice to properly describe its magnificent healing energy. Aside from being a unique type of natural glass formed from ancient meteorite strikes on earth, tektite is a high silica based stone which absorbs energy rather than lends it - dark energy in particular. Tektite is often mistaken for black obsidian, but what sets tektite apart is the lack of water in its chemical composition. This is because of the extreme heat which caused its formation during a meteoric collision with earth. Most tektites will be sold pre-oiled with either mineral oil or cedar oil. This is simply for aesthetic purposes and does not change the metaphysical properties of the stone itself.

Tektite’s Energy is unmistakable. Anyone who has seen or been in contact with this stone can attest to this. It resonates at such a high frequency that it has the ability to elevate one’s consciousness. Given the impact it has visually, it’s no wonder that touching it will immediately raise one’s internal energy, enhancing the functions of the crown chakra to enhance ability to receive of divine messages and intuition. This makes tektite an excellent stone for anyone who is interested in dream work, past life recall, and enhancing their psychic abilities. This stone is most powerful when worn during meditative or healing sessions as it not only expands the mind to unimaginable reaches, but it also absorbs energy as it’s being released from the body. The extraterrestrial properties of tektite makes it such a wonder to work with that it’s often difficult to explain, but it has been described as having the exceptional ability to pull energy out and downwards as if existing in its own gravitational field much stronger than that of earth’s. The way tektite works in crystal healing is by locating energetic blocks as well as dark energy and “pulling” it outwards from the body while simultaneously absorbing it.

Tektite in the Metaphysical Realm 

Due to its origins being of extraterrestrial phenomena, tektites are strongly associated with otherworldly realms and are said to hold the secrets of worlds outside of our own. They are believed to facilitate spiritual growth as well as communication with beings beyond the veil of this world. In some cultures, tektites are worn to increase fertility in both men and women.

Caring for Tektite 

Because tektite is a natural glass, it can shatter with heat and vibration so it’s fairly delicate to care for. The best way to physically clean your tektite stone is to gently wash it with soap and water, using a soft brush to get in the crevices if necessary. Toothpaste and other abrasive cleaning products will scratch the surface of the stone. For spiritual and energetic cleansing, it’s recommended to use any method you normally would with your typical crystal such as smudging, sound cleansing, and water baths.

Chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown

Zodiac: Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth & Storm
Vibration number: 9
Color: dark brown, gray, black

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