Crystal Energy Workers Starter Kit (18 Unique Crystals)

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This collection contains one of each type of crystal that we have! Included are crystals and gemstones from all reaches of the planet, and it's the ideal collection for the starting crystal energy worker! As you know, each crystal has a different meaning, and with this collection, you will have something for everything!

18 Crystal Gemstone Wands - Dream Bundle Pack

In this collection you will get:

16 standard size WANDS (6-8cm) (approx 3 inches) (50-70grams) (2 oz) including:

green fluoriteobsidiansmokey quartzaventurineclear quartzsodalitemulti-color fluoritecoquina jasperlabradoritestrawberry green quartzhowliteamethystlapis lazuli, dream amethyst, moss quartz, and citrine wands.

2 large size wands (10 - 12cm) (4 - 5 inches) 100-125 grams (4 oz)
rainbow fluorite, golden fluorite.

All sizes are approximate

18 Crystal Gemstone Wands - Dream Bundle Pack

With a set like this, you will have a stone for every occasion All REAL stones, nothing artificial in our shop! And, and all of our stones are ethically sourced.

18 Crystal Gemstone Wands - Dream Bundle Pack

We offer some of the very best crystal and gemstone prices available anywhere. In-fact, many retail shops purchase from us (and you can too, with no wholesale membership required) whilst still getting wholesale prices on top quality stones!

18 Crystal Gemstone Wands - Dream Bundle Pack

You could easily spend over $500+ on a crystal gemstone collection like this (when buying individual stones from a local gem shop). And you are probably going to (eventually) we know your appetite for sparkly crystals is insatiable... so save future you some money and get this entire unique collection for a fraction of the cost. 

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