Crystal Hedgehog Escape Kit

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These cute little crystal hedgehogs need a good home! Looking for crystal lovers to adopt these wonderful little friends. Fun to arrange on a windowsill, in the garden, or around plants. These crystals are fun to add to your collection. Children also really love these little fantasy friends.

Included in this kit:

Crystal Hedgehog Escape Kit

As a pet, they require no food, you can travel with them, or leave them at home for months! (without having to arrange a pet-sitter). They are very independent, but have a lot of love to give too.

Crystal Hedgehog Escape Kit

As crystal quartz has long be thought capable of storing the manifesting intentions of it's owner... these little pets are thought to be able to hold your wishes and dreams and help you to manifest them into reality.

Crystal Hedgehog Escape Kit

As a totem spirit, the hedgehog is a small animal with big lessons and a positive attitude. He teaches us to cherish stillness and find quiet time to help us with personal growth. He is sensitive and carefree unless threatened. 

When the hedgehog feels that he is being threatened,  he rolls in a ball, that is covered in protective quills to give his attacker reason for having second thoughts. 

Our small crystal sphere, included in this set (although smooth and not spikey), symbolizes  a protective sphere.  The sphere is one of the most perfect and simplest of all forms. Spheres represent wholeness and completion.

There is much to learn from this independent little creature.

Every single hedgehog is totally unique - no two are exactly alike. Everyone is special it it's very own way, just like you!

Some good potential names for your crystal hedgehog pet include Crystal, Amethyst, Rolypoly, Pokee and Spike. 

This is a thoughtful gift for a human of any age. Young and mature alike will enjoy these beautiful crystals.

Fun and quirky, each hedgehog is created from natural amethyst and clear crystal gemstones.

No two are ever alike. These whimsical friends will bring a smile to your face.

These mini amethyst and quartz crystal spheres are smooth and soothing to the touch.  

Crystal Hedgehog
Height Approx: 3-4cm (metric) 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches (imperial)
Width Approx:
 3-4cm (metric)  1.5-1.75 inches (imperial)

Mini Sphere size:
Size: 3 cm diameter (metric) 1 inch (imperial)
Approx. Weight: 
30-40 grams (metric)  1- 1.5 ounces (imperial)

A little information about the crystals:

Amethyst is sometimes called the dream stone, the crystal of creativity, or the crystal of spiritual enlightenment. It is a crystal prized for its beauty and stunning purple color.
These little pets are thought to be able to hold your wishes and dreams and help you to manifest them into reality.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, encouraging a love of the divine, and spiritual wisdom. 

Amethyst vibrates at a high frequency, which creates spiritual protection that blocks out the lower negative frequencies and energies. It helps to awaken higher consciousness, assisting in clear-headed decision-making that is free of emotional confusion.

Clear Quartz has the reputation of being called the master healer as it is said this high vibrational crystal will amplify energy.    Clear Quartz Pebble Stones are a delightful assortment of unique smooth gemstones.

Clear Quartz is the crystal of clarity and manifestation.  It is believed to elevate the energy of a space, or when placed in a crystal grid multiply the energy of the other crystals.

Popular with stone collectors this gemstone is said to bring the body into balance 
and to absorb negative energy of all kinds. This is the stone of harmony.

Clear Quartz Is linked to the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the opening to higher states of consciousness.   The practice of mindfulness to focus and to clear the mind is a gateway to more joy and love. 


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