The Crystal Compendium (DIGITAL eBOOK)

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So, you want to learn about crystals but you need a concise, no-fluff, easy to reference guide on a variety of common and uncommon crystals and stones? Welp, we got just the thing for you (for free) today only.

Yup. Our Crystal Compendium is actually larger in crystal count volume then some of the best selling (we won't mention by name) titles on Amazon! And we... are giving this away as a free gift to you, our most loved, crystal lover.

The Crystal Compendium (FREE GIVEAWAY)

Featuring over 250 crystals and stones. It's exactly what you need to level up your crystal knowledge!

All crystals and gemstones include photos, spiritual meanings, how to use them. Where they are found and their geological information. The astrological sign associated with each stone, the chakras connected with each crystal and other interesting tidbits (such as rarity and value of the various stones (and crystals).

The Crystal Compendium (FREE GIVEAWAY)

Enjoy this title and feel free to share it with your crystal loving friends. Spread the word of crystals and help us make the world a happier place!

NOTE: we will be sending a digital copy of this book that you can read on your mobile device, tablet, computer laptop (pretty much anywhere). All hard copies are currently sold out.

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The Crystal Compendium (FREE GIVEAWAY)
The Crystal Compendium (FREE GIVEAWAY)
The Crystal Compendium (FREE GIVEAWAY)
The Crystal Compendium (FREE GIVEAWAY)