Turquoise Mini Gemstones (250 grams)

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Specifications: We offer the stones in packages of 250 grams. 
This will give you approximately 230 Turquoise (Dyed Howlite) Mini Gemstones.
Size: The stones are each unique and size and shape varies with each one. 

Mini Gemstones are the perfect stones to use in Crystal gridding.

Creating a crystal grid is fun, meditative, satisfying and creative for all ages!

Similar to puzzles, coloring, painting and crafting, the process of 'crystal gridding' gives you the freedom to be creative and feel the joy of making patterns that are pleasing. Follow your intuition and creativity with new patterns each time!

We also sell 250 gram bags of mini gemstones individually.  Check out each of the metaphysical and spiritual meanings for each type of stone and choose the ones that meet your intentions and help to create the magic you are looking for.

We also offer (from a growing selection) -  Crystal Gridding Kits - in our Crystal Gridding Section of our shop. 

You can also find the individual velvet gridding altar cloths in the same section to add to your shopping cart. 

Many of you already have a selection of gemstones large and small that would be fun to create crystal grids with.

Turquoise is a revered gemstone that has been associated with good luck for centuries. This beautiful blue-green stone is a reminder of the colors of the sky and of water as well as that of the miracle of a robin's egg. 

This captivating stone is a symbol of life, tranquility, protection and wisdom.
Turquoise dates back over 6000 years. It has been used as a protection stone and in healing practices by shaman and healers. Turquoise was also used as currency in the 16th century. 

Turquoise is associated with opening all the chakras, but particularly used with the throat, heart and third eye chakras and opening yourself to giving and receiving love, truth and deepest wisdom.

Turquoise is an opaque blue-green mineral which is formed by a chemical reaction. Water containing the minerals copper and aluminum along with a specific formula of chemicals leaks through a rock. Veins are formed when later become a clump of turquoise. 

Although popular for use in jewelry, turquoise is not as hard as some other stones so often designers surround the stone with other products to protect it from impact and getting scratched. 

Share these beautiful mini gemstones as gifts with your special friends and family.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size of these gemstones.

Gifts with Purchase:
1. The Crystal Compendium eBook
2. Spirit Sounds Meditation Music
3. The Crystal Meanings App for Android/iPhone

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WORKING ON Turquoise Pebble Gemstones - tumbledstone
WORKING ON Turquoise Pebble Gemstones - tumbledstone
Turquoise Mini Gemstones (250 grams) - tumbledstone
WORKING ON Turquoise Pebble Gemstones - tumbledstone
WORKING ON Turquoise Pebble Gemstones - tumbledstone