4 Crystals To Attract Money, Wealth And Prosperity
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Most people are always wondering how to manifest abundance and money into their lives. One way is to set an intention with a crystal to attract abundance, wealth, prosperity, or carry a crystal to bring luck and abundance in all areas of your life. The following are some of the stones you might consider for manifesting money and abundance in your life.
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Green Aventurine. This stone has a reputation for bringing opportunity into your life. The best way to use this crystal is to keep it in the dish where you toss your loose change at the end of the day, the stone will help the money jar to grow full. Another idea for using Green Aventurine is to put it where your business and other important papers are kept. You can also wear the stone when you have meetings with your financial advisor or other business where you need people to invest in the business.
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Citrine. This is another stone that can be used for manifesting money and abundance into your life. This stone is sometimes referred to as the merchant's stone because it brings prosperity to shopkeepers and other salespeople. If you believe in the crystal and the law of attraction that is a good place to start.
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Iron Pyrite. This stone is also known as Fools Gold. You might wonder how a stone that alludes to deceit could be used for manifesting money and abundance, but one of the properties is that it helps the bearer not be fooled by things and people that are not honest. It protects you from being the fool, which in the long run helps you be more prosperous while manifesting money. You can bring Iron Pyrite to meetings where that may impact your finances, or when you are making important decisions.
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Jade. Like Citrine, Jade is thought to bring luck and prosperity. It was valued in Ancient China not just for its beautiful color, but also for its apparent ability to bring good luck and abundance.
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