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50 Crystal Mega Kit


Never will you find a more complete - and affordably priced crystal crystal kit, packed with high quality, 100% real stones and crystals.

50 Crystal Collectors Kit - collection

*shown with tourmaline centerpiece option

This includes all crystals that you see in the photos (with optional center-piece) this is the absolute most perfect collectors kit for building crystal grids!

50 Crystal Collectors Kit - collection*shown with tourmaline centerpiece option

You have SO many crystals to work with, depending on what you need... you can hand-craft the perfect crystal grid for you!

50 Crystal Collectors Kit - collection*shown with large amethyst generator centerpiece option

Or - if crystal gridding isn't your goal, these crystals can be given out as gifts, they can used all around your home - and they will really robustify your crystal altar.

50 Crystal Collectors Kit - collection*shown with crystal sphere centerpiece option

Points (wand) sizes: These approx 40 grams to 80 grams (2 - 4 oz) and approx 5-9cm 2-3 inches - these vary a bit depending on the type of stone.

Tumbled stones These are about 15 - 30 grams in weight, basically as you see in the photo - slightly bigger then normal tumbled stone size, on average - and they can vary a little as well.

*The center piece will vary - depending on what you choose:

1. The mini-generators are short but thicker and can weigh around 100 to 150 grams. The large generators weigh approx. 750g to 1kg (about 2 lbs).

2. The crystal sphere is approx. 10cm. in diameter and weighs approx. 1kg (2.2lbs)

3. The chunk of raw tourmaline weighs approx. 250 grams (half a pound)

Also included: 13 rough crystal quartz shards.

50 Crystal Collectors Kit - collection*shown with large rose quartz generator centerpiece option

Crystal point types include (16 points):
(points) smoky quartz, clear quartz, afghanistan jade, dream amethyst, lapis lazuli, green fluorite, sodalite, obsidian, green aventurine, amethyst, citrine, howlite, ruby in zoisite, angel aura quartz, golden coquina jasper, labradorite.

Tumbled stones types include (20 stones)
dalmation jasper, green spotted jasper, quartz, rhodonite, ruby in zoisite, citrine, dream amethyst, blue sandstone, rose quartz, obisidan, lapis lazuli, amazonite, tiger's eye, charoite, green aventurine, opalite, blue spot jasper, red jasper, dragon's blood, sodalite.

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