8 Piece Crystal Hedgehogs + Fantasy Crystal Mushroom Set

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This 8 Piece Crystal Hedgehogs + Fantasy Mushroom Set will be such a conversation piece! Each and every crystal is unique in shape, size and will have its own natural color variations. 

Fun to arrange on a windowsill, in the garden, around plants or in a Fairy Garden.
These crystals are fun to add to your collection. Children also really love these little fantasy friends.

In this 12 Piece Crystal Hedgehogs + Fantasy Crystal Mushroom Set you get:
1 Amethyst Hedgehog Crystal Pets + 1 Quartz Hedgehog Crystal Pet +3 Purple Fluorite Mushrooms +3 Carnelian Mushrooms 

When we create sets it gives us the opportunity to pass on money savings to you.
Keep the whole set or split it up and share with friends and family.

1 Amethyst Hedgehog 

Amethyst is sometimes called the dream stone, the crystal of creativity, or the crystal of spiritual enlightenment. It is a crystal prized for its beauty and stunning purple color.
These little pets are thought to be able to hold your wishes and dreams and help you to manifest them into reality.
Fun and quirky, each hedgehog is created from natural amethyst gemstones.
No two are ever alike. These whimsical friends will bring a smile to your face.

1 Quartz Crystal Hedgehog 

Quartz is sometimes called the stone of crystal clear focus, the crystal of clarity, or the crystal of manifestation. It is believed to elevate the energy of a space, or when placed in a Crystal Grid multiply the energy of the other crystals.

 3 Carnelian Crystal Fantasy Mushrooms

3 Purple Fluorite Crystal Fantasy Mushrooms


Crystal Mushrooms:
Height Approx:  5-6.3 cm (metric)  2-2.5 inches (imperial)
Width of Mushroom Top Approx: 2.5-3.8cm (metric) 1-1.5 inches (imperial)
Weight: 50-85 grams (metric) 2-3 ounces (imperial)

The photo below shows size relation of each unique crystal mushroom to a hand. 
Each one is unique in size and color.

These adorable hedgehogs all have their own expressions and characteristics. 

Each hedgehog is created from a natural chunk of amethyst or quartz  raw cluster formations. The length of the crystal clusters varies on each one giving you a one of a kind.


Height Approx: 3-4cm (metric) 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches (imperial)
Width Approx:
 3-4cm (metric)  1.5-1.75 inches (imperial)

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