6 Amethyst Set

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This crystal set includes six Amethyst crystals from our shop! Included in this collector's set is EVERYTHING you see in the photo to include 6 Amethyst crystal points. 

6 Amethyst Set - collection

These crystal points are wonderful-sized stones to carry with you or hold in your hand. Place the crystal points around your home, or use them for meditation, or your sacred altar.

Amethyst is sometimes called the dream stone, the crystal of creativity, or the crystal of spiritual enlightenment. It is a that is crystal prized for its beauty and stunning purple color. Amethyst is a variety of quartz that is formed in molten lava!

Amethyst crystal is thought in new age spirituality to be closely connected with the third eye and the star sign(s) for this crystal include Aquarius, Capricorn.

In crystal practice, Amethyst is a lovely stone to hold during meditations, and a great stone to keep on your bedside when you sleep.

Sometimes also called the crystal of balance and the stone of clarity. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to keep around your home and in your various spaces.

6 Amethyst Set - collection

Point (wands) sizes are approx 50 grams to 75 grams (2 - 3 oz) and approx 5-8cm 2-3 inches.

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