Crystal Mood Light (Angel-Aura Cluster)

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Crystal illumination! Light up your life with the mystic glow of crystal mood lights. These stunning pieces make for truly unique home decor and relaxing ambient lighting. It's easy to swap the crystal centerpiece and in-fact you can use practically any crystal on the base light. Choose your crystal illumination! For example: Clear quartz allows the most light through, and tends to be brighter, where rose quartz is a lovely nightlight with a more gentle and subdued illumination. Many crystal types to choose from and you can swap the centerpiece around for any crystal you want. Crystals sit freely on the top of the light-stand and are not locked in-place.

WHAT IS ANGEL AURA QUARTZ? Angel Aura Quartz Quartz is also known as opalite and is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with Platinum and Silver. The platinum and silver precious metal condense onto the surface of the quartz to become permanently bonded with the lattice of the Quartz. This coating process is referred to as CVD. The result is a layering of iridescent rainbow colors on silvery surfaces and they exhibit a brilliant angelic rainbow sheen. Other names for man-made stone are argenon, sea opal, and opal moonstone.

WHY IT'S AWESOME? It's undeniable that humans love shiny things. For hundreds of years humans have been fascinated with shiny objects and have tried to create gold and magical elements. In the beginning of the 19th century, scientists from the aerospace industry created the CVD process that binds metals together making Angel Aura Quartz a fascinating and enjoyable specimen to add to your rock collecting treasures. Angel Aura Quartz has an iridescence that shines like the wings of angels.

MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! At Spirit Magicka, we love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉

👉 Angel Aura with its brilliant rainbow iridescence is said be a peaceful and tranquil stone, useful for communication with angels, spirit guides, and other teachers.

👉 In crystal energy work Angel Aura connects the Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra said to unblock the energy between them.

WHERE IS IT FOUND? Khambhat, India is one of the main sources for the production of Opalite.

Light Base Size
📏 4"
📏 10 cm

Crystal Size

*All sizes are approximate and may vary somewhat.
*Each crystal & stone will vary slightly in appearance. Each beautiful and unique in its own way

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