Crystal Solutions Course & Crystal Set

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This collection includes our online crystal course + the crystal toolkit.

The crystal toolkit includes every type of crystal that you could need for your crystal practice.

Our standalone CRYSTAL COURSE can be found here. Note: that standalone crystal course does not include the crystals included in this toolkit, so we highly recommended ordering this complete crystal solutions set and course, it's the best deal that we can offer. You get the course, the course bonuses and a robust crystal set!

The crystal toolkit includes:

Palmstones (7 total)

. Rubellite Tourmaline (crown)
. Labradorite (third eye)
. Apatite (throat)
. Amazonite (heart)
. Fire Quartz (solar)
. Petrified Wood (sacral)
. Red Agate (root)

Points (7 points)

. Brazilian Amethyst (crown)
. Sodalite (third eye)
. Lapis Lazuli (throat)
. Aventurine (heart)
. Citrine (solar)
. Golden Coquina Jasper (sacral)
. Obsidian (root)

Tumbled stones (14 tumbled stones)
. Obsidian
. Aventurine
. Rose Quartz
. Tiger's Eye
. Relaxation
. Dream Amethyst
. Sodalite
. Amazonite
. Citrine
. Lapis Lazuli
. Blue Lace Agate
. Rhodonite
. Fluorite

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