Large (1.01 lbs.) Purple Flash Labradorite Freeform (Item #0067)


This unit It weights approximately 460 grams (1.01 lbs.).

This is a ONE OF A KIND unique piece. You get exactly what you see in the photo. Only 1 unit available. When it's gone, it's gone. 

Introducing the show-stopping Large Purple Flash Labradorite, weighing in at an impressive 1.01 lbs. This gemstone is sure to make a statement wherever it's displayed, with its captivating purple flash that dances across its surface in a mesmerizing display of natural beauty.

This Labradorite specimen is the perfect choice for collectors or anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their home décor. Its compact size makes it easy to display in a variety of ways - on a desk, bookshelf, or table - allowing you to enjoy the pop of color and charm it brings to any room.

But the Large Purple Flash Labradorite isn't just a pretty object - it's a true treasure. Believed to have metaphysical properties that enhance intuition, promote self-discovery, and encourage inner peace, this gemstone is the perfect addition to any meditation or healing space. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the magic for yourself - order your Large Purple Flash Labradorite today and watch as its captivating beauty transforms your space.

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