Lightworkers Guide to Crystals & Crystal Healing Course

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This e-Learning video series can be taken from the comfort of your home - at your own pace.

The primary module is a highly digestible two-hours course. It's compact and easy to follow information for beginner to intermediate level students.

The expanded content is an immersive 16+ hours of mini-video (or audio) lessons featuring specific crystal insight for hundreds of different crystals, from Amethyst to Moonstone, to Opal to Tourmaline + hundreds of other crystals you may have never even heard of.

Meet your Crystal Allies: What You Will Learn in this Course

Crystals are one of the earths most ancient gifts. Pure crystalized energy that vibrates at a unique and harmonious frequency - that crystal healers can tap, direct and harness the power of.

  • Learn which crystals are used for which purpose, from protective tourmaline to energizing citrine and hundreds more!
  • Learn how to meditate with crystals to help harmonize and balance your inner emotional and spiritual centers.
  • Discover crystal cleansing and charging techniques that align with the chakra energy systems of your body.

The journey into crystal healing is a rewarding one that I have been passionate about for many, many years. I own a crystal shop, where I teach crystal healing and energy work. I absolutely love teaching about crystals (almost as much as I love working with them).

Working with crystals is not hard to learn and it's very intuitive. This course will help you to learn how to harmonize your own energies with the crystals, so that you can empower your intentions in life.

Programming your Crystals with Intention

Crystals have been used for almost everything since as far back as ancient times. From the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and more. Cultures around earth have loved and enjoyed and even believed in the mystical power of crystals. There are so many crystals and stones to learn about in this course, and we will teach you not only to memorize the ways to use different crystals, but also how to intuit which crystals are right for you!

Everything is Energy

Energy entangles with energy. Energy effects other energy. You are energy. This is energy. All is energy.

Have you ever sat by an ocean? Under a tree? Stood your feet upon soft summer grass? Why do these things uplift our spirit? Why does the sunshine make us feel happier?

It's all energy. The resonance frequency of objects made material (but at their core essence, are energy and vibration).

Crystals are a very unique and amazing for of energy-made-matter. In this course we will discover the fascinating world of crystals and working with them!

Crystals, Timeless Treasures, Friends and Allies:

Consider this: You are energy in the temporary form of physical matter (a spirit with a body). As humans we enjoy a long life-span, but not nearly as long as a crystal!

Crystals are a much longer-lasting form of physical energy-expression. In-fact crystals are millions and even billions of years old - they have an energy pattern which is so stable... that they may exist within that energy matrix for millions and even billions of years. Can you even imagine that?

And each crystal - has a different type of energy pattern, an extremely stable form of energy. The right tool for the right job and with crystals - you can get very specific about what kind of help you need.

So: when you're looking for support - just in the way which you might seek out a stable and supportive (human) friend, someone with a calm and supportive energy... crystals also act as highly stable and support ally.

In this crystal healing course - you will lean which crystals to use for what and beyond.

Let's Look Inside the Course

There is an entire world full of new crystal allies for you to discover - indeed many of our students have told us they feel like their crystals are more then just stones - they are friends, and they are allies.

  • Discover your crystal allies.
  • Harmonize and balance your life.
  • There are crystals out there that want to help you.

Let's take a closer look at what you get in this course...

The Course includes:

  • 2 Hour Crystal Healing Course Main Module
  • 16+ Hours In-depth Bonus Modules
  • Meditation Audio Tracks
  • 8 Hours Relaxing Nature Soundscapes
  • Crystal Healing Music
  • Crystal Compendium (eBook)
  • The Crystal Meanings App
  • Lifetime free updates! We are always adding more and more crystals to our archive of over 200+ crystal videos.

Primary Course Overview (2 hours)

  • Introduction to Crystals
  • Discovering your Crystal Allies
  • Crystal Care
  • The Crystal Forms
  • Understanding & Identifying Crystals
  • Crystals and the Astrological Star Signs
  • The Healing Properties of Crystals
  • The Power of Intention and Crystals
  • Preparing your Sacred Crystal Healing Space
  • Crystals to Energize and Empower Your Sacred Space
  • Crystals and the Chakras
  • Crystal Grids
  • Empowering Your Life with Crystals
  • Programming your Crystals with Intention
  • Crystal Elixirs
  • Using Crystals in Your Day to Day
  • Scrying, Crystals, & Pendulums
  • Crystals in Meditation

Expanded Course Content (16 Hours)

In our expanded content, you will have access to over 200 individual mini-video lectures that focus entirely on one specific crystal (or stone) at a time. Super fast and easy to watch with hundreds of on-demand explainer videos for when you want a quick crystal reference!

Bonus Gift #1 : Music of Spirit

I am AJ Dare, your instructor, I am also a crystal musician, and I have created an music album that you will receive for free with purchase of this course. It is perfect for tuning into your crystals and practicing your crystal meditations.

Bonus Gift #2 : Sounds of Nature 

I went to the most remote, natural and ambient environments in the world to record undisturbed nature sounds at their most relaxing. I have also included this album free with purchase of this course!

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