Crystal Collectors Surprise Treasure Box (Monthly Subscription)


A lovely surprise crystal box delivered to you automatically each month... Because life just feels a little bit better when you know you have a crystal surprise box to look forward too each month!

Each month you will receive a carefully selected surprise crystal collectors treasure box.

Carefully and loving picked crystals to add to your collection. You will also be getting the best possible value on these crystals..

Shown in the main photo - are some of the potential items you may receive in your gift box each month.

And here are some examples of what to expect when you order our crystal collectors treasure box subscription.

Crystal Collectors Surprise Treasure Box (Monthly Subscription)

Current Gift Box for January 2023 Includes:

(1) rainbow kyanite fan
(1) black kyanite fan
(1) fairy amethyst cluster
(1) desert rose
(1) rough green fluorite
(1) rough rose quartz
(1) rough ruby in zoisite
(1) tiger's eye tumbled cube
(1) selenite stick
(1) amethyst mini-cluster
(1) fluorite octahedron
(1) citrine shard
(1) amethyst shard
(1) quartz shard

* also included (1) black velvet crystal carrying pouch

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