Reiki Healing Course - 82% OFF

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Journey into the fascinating world of Reiki Energy Healing. During this special promotional sale - you can get the entire course on sale! Don't miss this early bird discount sale! Get the entire course for 82% off today only $47 (normally $249)

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  • ​​​​​Over 25 video lessons in 6 modules to will excite & inspire you!  
  • This course was written for all of those people who do not know anything about Reiki healing or are just moving their first steps with it.
  • How to use Reiki healing to help people, animals, and plants
  • How to become a good Reiki practitioner
  • The different types of treatments and their uses
  • The origins of Reiki and how it spread through the world.

Module 1: Introduction to Reiki​


  • Medical Disclaimer
  • A Brief Intro To This Course
  • ​Energy Healing
  • Reiki History
  • ​Reiki Principles and Kanji
  • ​Practicing Reiki
  • ​Introduction To The Symbols
  • Introduction To The Attunement

Module 2: Fundamentals of Reiki Practice


  • The Setup and Preparations
  • Self Treatment
  • Treating Others and Group Treatments
  • What To Do After Treatment
  • Side Notes About Reiki​​
  • Side Notes About Reiki 2

Module 3: Advanced Reiki Techniques


  • When Reiki Is Not Enough
  • The Ethics of Reiki
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen And It's Uses
  • Reiki And Chakras
  • ​Reiki And Crystals
  • Improving Your Reiki

Module 4: Specialized Applications of Reiki


  • Reiki And Emergencies
  • Reiki And Pregnancy
  • Reiki And Children
  • Reiki And Death
  • Reiki and Animals
  • Reiki and Plants

Module 6: Reiki PDFs and QuickGuides

  • Reiki Symbol PDFs
  • Chakra Guide to Reiki & Crystals

Reiki Coloring Workbook

To help you memorize the Reiki symbols and actualize the lessons learned in this course. A print-able Reiki coloring book is included in this course. Great for learning and memorizing, also beautifully illustrated, relaxing and fun!


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