Afghanistan Jade + Amethyst + Citrine Gridding Set

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Afghanistan Jade, Amethyst + Citrine are some of the most popular gemstones we sell from the shop. We have combined these favorites and in this set you will get all the gemstones you see to create the grid we have made, or you have lots of crystals to place in anyway that inspires you.

In this Afghanistan Jade + Amethyst + Citrine Gridding Set you get:

6 Afghanistan Medium Jade Wands + 7 Amethyst Mini Spheres + 6 Smoky Quartz Mini Spheres +6 Natural Citrine Shards + 6 Citrine Tumbled Stones + 1- 48 x 48cm (19 x 19 inch) Velvet Fabric Seed of Life Gridding Cloth + Over 100 Mini Gemstones of Each Color of Turquoise, Aventurine + Rose Quartz Crystal Pebbles 

When you buy our sets, it gives us the ability to offer you big savings.

Crystal grids placed in your home are said to manifest your desires.  Crystal gridding is also creative and fun.  Build it as we have or use your own creative energy to place your crystals.

Crystal Grids are created with a group of crystals that vibrate at a higher frequency so their metaphysical properties are magnified. Have fun being creative with this set. You can lay the wands down or stand them with points up. There are so many crystals in this set that you can create your own designs.


Our crystals are all natural crystals, that have been ethically sourced. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to read and view our 1500+ photo-reviews (we are pleased to also mention, that shipping speeds are back to normal now).

Gemstones will vary somewhat in size shape and color, but all are beautiful and unique as nature makes them. 

Your set has the all the gemstones described below:

6 Afghanistan Jade Wands


    We chose the Afghanistan Jade as a main component in this flower burst grid.
    It is one of our most popular gemstones that we sell from our shop.

    It is said that Afghanistan Jade is considered to have harmonious properties of calming the nervous system. It is well known in the "gemstone world" as a stone said to have incredible healing properties that harness energy creating a shield of protection energy around the body and is connected with the Heart Chakra.

    The colors range in Afghanistan Jade include variations of browns, yellows, reds, dark green, lavenders and white and come in a natural range of opacities.  Natural streaking occurs that makes each and every piece unique.  

    Crystal Spheres are popular in gridding. It is said that because of their symmetrical shape they emit a high frequency of positive energy in all directions. Spheres are calming to the touch and on a Feng Shui level bring harmony to a space. A crystal sphere is thought to emit a high frequency of positive energy due to its symmetrical shape.

    7 Amethyst Mini Spheres

    Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, encouraging a love of the divine, and spiritual wisdom.

    6 Smoky Quartz Mini Spheres

    Smoky Quartz is known as a great energy stabilizer and it is connected with the Root Chakra and supportive energy of Mother Earth.  Smoky Quartz is brown to black in color and translucent, but the color can vary from very light to very dark.

    6 Natural Citrine Shards

    Citrine shards come in their natural rough form. They are unique and a very lovely addition to any gem collection. 

    Citrine with its yellow color is thought to be connected to the sun, holding the energy of light and positivity. It can be a gentle reminder that you make a conscious choice to be happy every day and take a positive approach to life.

    6 Citrine Tumbled Stones

    These Citrine tumbled stone crystals have super smooth surfaces that feel good to hold in your hands.

    Mini Gemstones:
    Approx: 100 of Each: Turquoise + Aventurine + Rose Quartz Pebble Gemstones

    Mini Gemstones are small and give you lots of creative range in creating your grid.  You will receive a nice little packages of about 100 of each of these mini gemstones.

    Turquoise is a stone of the ancients. They represent hope, wisdom, protection, and good fortune.  Shamans used this stone as a conduit between heaven and earth, specifically to channel the healing energies of the cosmos.

    Aventurine is sometimes called the creativity stone, the crystal of motivation, or the crystal of leadership. It is believed to be good for yin/yang balance. Aventurine is a variety of Quartz that is formed in molten lava.

    Rose Quartz is said to be the stone of love, all kinds of love to include self-love, friendship, romance, familial love, and more. It can serve as a gentle reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself.

    The Seed of Life is a common symbol and extremely popular when designing crystal grids.  There is a center point of power surrounded by rings of unity and its outside circles create the protective shield. 

    A single seed when planted and nourished has the ability to grown & reproduce.
    In traditional symbolism seeds offer hope, potential, trust, and are sacred.

    This Seed of Life Altar Cloth is made of high grade velvet fabric with gold color screen printing. Use over and over making beautiful crystal grids. 
    Size: (48*48cm) 19 x 19 inches

    Color Symbolism

    Yellow is a color of creativity, sunshine and spring and cheery flowers. Yellow is the color of happiness, enlightenment and optimism.

    Brown is a color that is a reminder of Mother Earth.  Brown is associated with security, safety and resilience.

    Violet is a color that represents wisdom, peace, magic, creativity, wisdom and wealth. There are many varieties of flowers that are different shades of violets.  Violet is also associated with spirituality.

    Turquoise is a color of energy, serenity, joy, patience, loyalty, love and friendship.
    Turquoise is also a color associated with water and life.

    Green is a color of growth. When you think of green it is linked with life, plants, trees and grass. It is a color of renewal. 

    Pink is a color of kindness, love and is a calming color.  It is associated with life and and tenderness.


    Each crystal is unique and beautiful and will have its own characteristics.

    Medium size:

    Approx. Height: 8-10 cm (metric) 3½ - 4 inches (imperial)
    Approx. Weight: 80 - 100 grams (metric) 3 ounces (imperial)

    Small size:
    Approx. Size: 3 cm diameter (metric) 1 inch (imperial)
    Approx. Weight: 30-40 grams (metric)  1- 1.5 ounces (imperial)

    Square Tumbled Stones
    Approx. .5 cm (metric) 1/2 inch inch (imperial)
    Weight: 17grams (metric) 5/8 ounce (imperial)

    Citrine Natural Shards
    Size: of each of the irregular shaped shards is approx.
    Approx: Length 2.54-5 cm (metric) 1-2 inches (imperial)
    Weight: 5-11 grams (metric) 1/8 - 3/8 ounces (imperial)

    Mini Gemstones
    Size: of each irregular shaped stone is approx. 
    .5cm to 1cm (metric) - 1/4 to 3/8 inch (imperial)

    Seed of Life Altar Cloth 
    Size:  (48*48cm) 19 x 19 inches

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    Afghanistan Jade + Amethyst + Citrine Gridding Set - collection
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