Galactic Crystal Gridding Set - Approx 668 Gemstones

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This Galactic Crystal Gridding Set includes approx. 668 Mini Gemstones:

Mini Gemstones are the perfect stones to use in Crystal gridding.

This Galactic Crystal Gridding Set includes approx. 668 mini gemstones.

Creating a crystal grid is fun, meditative, satisfying and creative for all ages!

Similar to puzzles, coloring, painting and crafting, the process of "crystal gridding" gives you the freedom to be creative and feel the joy of making patterns that are pleasing. Follow your intuition and creativity with new patterns each time!

The Galactic Crystal Gridding Set.

We also sell 250 gram bags of mini gemstones individually.  Check out each of the metaphysical and spiritual meanings for each type of stone and choose the ones that meet your intentions and help to create the magic you are looking for.

We also offer (from a growing selection) -  Mini Crystal Gridding Kits - in our Crystal Gridding Section of our shop. 

You can also find the individual velvet gridding altar cloths in the same section that you can add to your shopping cart. 

Many of you already have a selection of gemstones large and small that would be fun to create crystal grids with.

This Galactic Crystal Gridding Set includes approx. 668 mini gemstones.
This set gives you lots of stones to create with.

This set has 8 (125 gram bags) of different gemstones.

23 x 23 inch
(59*59cm) Velvet Cosmic Star Altar Cloth with gold color screen printing.
125 grams Carnelian Agate Mini Gemstones (approx 85)
125 grams Brazilian Citrine Mini Gemstones (approx 50)
125 grams Blue Lace Agate Mini Gemstones (approx 43)
125 grams Flower Agate Mini Gemstones (approx 75)
125 grams Strawberry Quartz Mini Gemstones (approx 140)
125 grams Prehnite Mini Gemstones (approx 70)
125 grams Clear Quartz Mini Gemstones (approx 80)
125 grams Rose Quartz Mini Gemstones (approx 125)

Each mini gemstone has its own unique size, color and shape which is why number count varies on each one.

Carnelian Agates - 125 grams (approx 85 stones)

Carnelian Agates are a symbol of warmth and energy that stimulates and empowers joy, leadership, courage, motivation and endurance.  The warm beauty of their color is a firestone, infusing body with light and life.

Carnelian Agate with its shades of orange is associated with opening the Sacral Chakra. This stone lets energy flow through from ground to naval, filled with and awakening energy with excitement for life.  This is a wonderful stone to use in meditation. 

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Carnelian agates are formed from the intergrowth of quartz and morganite . Morganite is the orange-pink to salmon variety of beryl, which is a mineral that includes aquamarine and emerald.

Carnelian agates are vibrante, with a dull waxy luster. They range from hot fire reds and oranges to browns and beiges. Natural formations of patterning takes place with a unique coloration and shape on each one.
These Carnelian agates are polished, smooth and delightful to look at each individual specimen.

Brazilian Citrine - 125 grams (approx 50 stones)

Citrine is known as the stone of abundance and manifestation. 
With its comforting yellow hued colors radiating warm and energy this stone is said to carry the power of the sun.

Citrine is the feel good gemstone. This is the gemstone of confidence, self-esteem, joy, happiness, all things good and a positive outlook on life.

Citrine is associated with the Sacral Chakra. It is the second chakra and the one of creative expression, governing emotion and sexuality.  Citrine is said resonate at a frequency radiating warmth, generosity, balance and confidence.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Citrine is a semi precious stone. This very desirable stone is popular because of its color. It is a yellow variety of quartz. Citrine is a stone of excellent clarity with an attractive luster.  Citrine that is more brownish red or orangey red have traces of iron in them. 

Blue Lace Agate - 125 grams (approx. 43 stones) 

Blue Lace Agate is sometimes called the communication stone, the crystal of clear speech, or the stone of balance. It is considered a gentle and calming stone.

Historically  these agates have been found dating back centuries and were used as symbols of power, and amulets for healing. 

These Blue Lace Agate mini gemstones are a beautiful addition to your collection. This is the stone of tranquility. Each stone is unique as nature has designed it to be in color, shape and size.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Blue Lace Agate is said to magnify the efforts of our day to day life, particularly with the Throat Chakra, uplifting our well being;  soothing and supporting verbalizing emotions and the ability to clearly express ourselves. 

Blue Lace Agate is a form of chalcedony which is a microcrystalline type of quartz. It is composed of silicate. Silicate is made of silica and oxygen plus one or more other elements. Blue lace agate has loops and swirl patterning which are caused by the presence of other minerals. Some of these minerals in the inclusions are nickel, manganese, iron and titanium. 

Flower Agate
 - 125 grams (approx 75)

Flower Agate is a stone of joy and growth that will help lift your spirits and find passion in the things you do. Flower Agate looks like cherry blossoms in the Spring. It is thought to encourage you to blossom into your fullest potential.

It is believed to be a stone of new beginnings, growth, and transformation. These natural flower agate pebble stones are each a little delightful wonder of nature. Your collection of flower agates will be unique with a natural variety of stones.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Flower Agate is thought bridge the gap of emotions and reality by activating the Heart and the Root Chakras, connecting them together.  

Flower Agate is an agate with opaque inclusions of Chalcedony. These inclusions resemble tiny flower formations. Agates are a translucent to opaque variety of quartz and a sub-variety of chalcedony.  Colors vary and range from milky beige to rosey pinks or darker rosey ambers.

Strawberry Quartz - 125 grams (approx 140 stones)

Strawberry Quartz is said to hold the properties of pure joy.  It is similar to rose quartz but vibrates at an even higher level. Being uplifted  and feeling good, Strawberry Quartz is a gemstone of universal love, peace and inspiration. 

Strawberry Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra. Opening your heart, removing blockages, experiencing an opening of allowing yourself to feel joy and peace.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size .

Strawberry Quartz is although similar to rose quartz has its own characteristics.
Strawberry Quartz has a much darker pigmentation and inclusions that result from iron oxide found deep within its structure.  There is a sparkly sort of shine that is emitted when held up n the bright sunlight. 

Prehnite - 125 grams (approx 70 stones)

Prehnite is said to be a stone of unconditional love and that it calms the environment and brings protection and peace, teaching us to be in harmony with Mother Nature and the elements.  These natural prehnite pebble gemstones are each unique in size shape and color and are an enjoyable addition to rock collections.

Prehnite is also said to be a stone for dreaming and remembering and is helpful in letting go of things that no longer serve you well. Prehnite is said to multiply energy and enhance protective energy fields.

Both the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra are associated with prehnite.
The connection with the heart is to bring peace and comfort to the heart.
The connection with the solar plexus is to bring empathy and enhance psychic abilities.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Prehnite with inclusions of tourmaline and/or epidote is a translucent to transparent gem-quality hydrated calcium aluminum silicate.  It is a semi-precious stone. Prehnite is usually different hues of light green color.  It will have a yellowish or whitish hue and their appearance is somewhat cloudy.  Prehnite is found in veins and cavities of mafic volcanic rock.

Clear Quartz - 125 grams (approx 80 stones)

Clear Quartz has the reputation of being called the master healer as it is said this high vibrational crystal will amplify energy.    Clear Quartz Pebble Stones are a delightful assortment of unique smooth gemstones.

Clear Quartz is the crystal of clarity and manifestation.  It is believed to elevate the energy of a space, or when placed in a crystal grid multiply the energy of the other crystals.

Popular with stone collectors this gemstone is said to bring the body into balance 
and to absorb negative energy of all kinds. This is the stone of harmony.

Clear Quartz Is linked to the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the opening to higher states of consciousness.   The practice of mindfulness to focus and to clear the mind is a gateway to more joy and love. 

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Clear Quartz  is a mineral composed of silicon atoms and oxygen. It is transparent and clear to white in color.  Most quartz is found in environments with geothermal waters or in igneous rocks.  Quartz takes formation as magma cools. Similar to water turning to ice, silicon dioxide crystallizes as it cools. 

Rose Quartz - 125 grams (approx 125 stones)

Rose Quartz is said to be the gentle stone of love, all kinds of love to include self-love, friendship, romance, familial love. It is a stone for both the receiving and the giving of love. It can serve as a gentle reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself.  

Rose Quartz vibrates in alignment with the energies of the Heart Chakra opening the heart with feelings and expressions of warmth and happiness.  The Heart Chakra is your place of emotional health, understanding, compassion, and respect.

Rose quartz is formed through the process of magma crystallization. Rose quartz ranges in color from pale pink to a rose red hue and the is due to the amounts of iron, manganese or titanium in it.  It is found in the quartz cores of pegmatites believed to form at high temperature, but is also found in hydrothermal veins. Rose quartz is a semi precious stone and popular in jewelry making.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size.

Galactic Galaxy Crystal Gridding Set -Approx 668 Mini Gemstones

Crystal Gridding is a fun and always allows your creative juices to flow.

A fabulous and thoughtful gift that all will enjoy!

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