Blue Topaz Meaning And Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Blue Topaz:

Blue Topaz has always been seen as a symbol of love and adoration. As with many blue gemstones, Blue Topaz is an excellent stone for clear communication and clarity. It is beneficial for problem solving, honesty, forgiveness, self-realization, emotional support, and manifesting health.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Blue Topaz connects to the angels of truth and wisdom. It helps you achieve your present goals and dreams and is an excellent stone for visualization.

It is soothing and balancing on all levels especially the emotional level. It promotes forgiveness of self and others. It is also a stone of self-realization and inner knowing that helps with assertiveness. Balances and supports through times of challenge and change.

The Physical Connection:

Blue Topaz is thought to aid in healthy digestion stimulates metabolism and helps in recovery from eating disorders. It is said to brighten vision and helps with eye issues. It is believed to be good for sleep without nightmares. It is also said to treats rheumatism and is effective against bleeding and heart disease.

The Chakras Connected to Blue Topaz:

Throat Chakra, Third Eye (Brow) Chakra.

Astrological Signs:

Sagittarius, Virgo.

Locations Found & History:

Afghanistan, Brazil, United States, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Germany, India. The name Topaz is said to come from the Greek word Topazios which was the name of an island that is now named Zabargad. Even though there was never any Topaz found on this island, Peridot was found, and it was often mistaken for Topaz. The most popular type of Topaz is blue and green colored topaz, while the most common topaz in jewelry is pink, yellow, or light brown.

Some also believe that the origin of the word Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word Topas or Tapaz which means fire. In ancient Greece, Topaz was thought to bring strength and in other parts of Europe, it was thought to break spells. In India, people have believed that a Topaz pendant worn on or above the heart will ensure longevity, beauty, and knowledge. In Africa, it has always been used in shamanic practices and balancing.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Red Topaz is the rarest and most valuable type of Topaz, and only 1 percent of the world's Topaz is facet-grade. There is also Pink Topaz also known as Rose Topaz, Yellow Topaz, or light or Sherry Brown Topaz. In nature, Topaz is usually colorless, but Blue Topaz is very abundant because of the treatments given to the stones. This Topaz first sold for $20 to $40 per carat, but now it’s even more affordable. Things to look for in a Topaz stone are similar to the things you’d look for in diamonds including color and cut as well as clarity. It has a Mohs hardness of 8.

How to Use Blue Topaz:

Wear Topaz above the heart and close to the throat for clear communication. This gemstone is also excellent in meditation and connection with your higher-self and angels.