Cavansite Meaning And Spiritual Properties

Power & Benefits of Cavansite:

Cavansite brings optimism and inspiration to your life. A self-reflective stone redresses destructive behavior or thought patterns. It is beneficial for self-respect. It helps you think before you act and instills an appreciation of beauty.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Cavansite protects highly sensitive people from taking on too much of other people’s emotions and problems. Great for tuning into your intuition and hearing what it has to say. It protects a healer or past life therapist during a healing session.

It is a feel-good stone that is good for new ideas.

The Physical Connection:

Cavansite is especially useful for the eyes so it can be used for vision issues as well as eye irritations and diseases. It’s also helpful for the teeth and in maintaining healthy teeth. Also aids the blood and helps osteoporosis.

The Chakras Connected to Cavansite:

Third Eye (Brow) Chakra, Throat Chakra.

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

Poona (India), Brazil, New Zealand, United States (Oregon). The name of the crystal comes from its chemical composition which includes calcium vanadium and silicate, and their chemical names together create Ca-V-Si. It wasn’t officially recognized as a mineral until 1967, so it’s relatively new to the crystal world.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Cavansite is quite rare, so it’s hard to find in large pieces. It is a sparkling and brilliant white crystal with flower-like bursts of bright blue all over the surface. They are known as orthorhombic crystals which create a system of lattice. This makes for a very uniquely shaped stone with a very crystalline appearance. You’ll mainly find small fragments of Cavansite with small bursts of blue. Large pieces that are entirely blue are even rarer to find which makes them the most valuable. The color blue is exciting and remarkable too. It ranges from deep aqua blue to a bit of a greenish-blue. It has a Mohs hardenss of 3-4.

How to Use Cavansite:

Carry Cavansite with you or put it in a place of your home where you’ll see it often. To connect with your intuition just hold the stone in your hand and breathe deeply. It protects your home or car. It is a toxic stone, use with care.