Red Obsidian Meaning And Spiritual Properties

Power & Benefits of Red Obsidian:

Red Obsidian is beneficial for closure. It helps to ease tension. It brings vitality and strength in times of need. It is a stone that helps you to meet your goals.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Red Obsidian is said to raise kundalini energy. It removes energy blockages and cuts cords with psychic vampires that sap your energy. It is indispensable for shadow and soul retrieval work, it shows where you have been in denial and brings closure to the vicious circle that it creates, breaking out of negative habits and unhealthy or outgrown life patterns. It is a stabilizing stone that strengthens a weak aura and restores correct spin to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras so you are naturally protected.

It vitalizes purpose and stimulates growth at all levels.

The Physical Connection:

Red Obsidian is thought to be beneficial for fevers, chills, strength, digestion, detoxification, blockages, arthritis, joint pain, cramps, injuries, pain, and circulation.

The Chakras Connected to Red Obsidian:

Root (Base) Chakra.

Astrological Signs:

Scorpio, Capricorn.

Locations Found & History:

Mexico, volcanic regions.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Red Obsidian has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5. A red/black variety of Obsidian.

How to Use Red Obsidian:

Carry or place Red Obsidian as appropriate.