3 Reasons Amethyst Is One Of The Top Crystals Of All Time

It's easy to see why Amethyst is one of the most desirable and well-known crystals available, with its purple tones and shimmering points, it's part of the Quartz family. Amethyst has several attributes and may help with a variety of things, making it an all-purpose stone. It benefits the mind, clearing away confusion and negativity, balancing highs and lows, and promotes emotional centering. It was once considered a sign of wealth and widely in crowns of kings and bishops. The following are just a few of the reasons this stone is one of the top crystals of all time.

Beauty. Purple has long held a natural association with uniqueness because it is not a color that is very often found in nature. Tibetans consider Amethyst to be sacred to the Buddha and they make prayer beads from it. In the Middle Ages, Amethyst was considered a symbol of royalty and was used to decorate English regalia.

All-Purpose Stone. Amethyst can help with a variety of things. Physical. It has strong energy and cleansing powers and is thought to alleviate the causes of disease. It is said to also help with physical symptoms of withdrawal from addictive substances. Emotional. It is a natural stress reliever that may encourage intuition, inner strength, peace, and spiritual growth. Spiritual. Amethyst may help you to focus. Place it under your pillow to encourage dreams, foster intuition, inner strength, and spirituality.

Affordability. Amethyst is a gemstone that is more easily mined, which has helped to drive the cost down compared to other stones. It has been one of the most-prized Quartz varieties for centuries, at one time only available to royalty. Today the stone is widely available, making it an affordable addition to your crystal collection.