350 Million Year Old Water Trapped Inside Smoky Amethyst Crystal

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You'll want to take a closer look at the amazing Smoky Amethyst crystal, found at the Purple Heart Mine in South Carolina. If you look closely you can see more than one water bubble that moves around in the different chambers of this stunning and beautiful crystal. This is like nothing you've seen before, and what's even more amazing is that the water trapped inside the crystal is 350 million years old.

Amethyst Smoky Quartz is a combination of two distinct Quartz crystals to include Amethyst crystal and Smoky Quartz. The two crystals combine beautifully and you will find the more dominant the crystal in the combination the more the crystal will hold the properties of that specific crystal. This is a fairly recent crystal that is emerging more and more.

When a Quartz or Agate stone contains bubbles of water inside it is called an Enhydro Crystal. These bubbles of water got trapped inside the crystal as the crystal was growing. The most valuable Enhydro Crystals are those that have moving bubbles. An air pocket present in the crystal, causes the water bubble to move up and down within the pocket. Other Enhydro Crystals have water bubbles inside them, but they are usually stationary. These types of crystals usually grow in or around water tables. The crystals form in skeletal layers and then trap the water inside the crystal. Enhydro Crystals contain water that’s over a hundred million years old.

The water inside Enhydro Crystals is free of contaminants of mankind’s industrial pollution. This makes it a great crystal to use if you are seeking purity of the mind, body, or soul. The crystal will assist you in expressing and communicating your feelings from a heart level. It will also open you to deep levels of being and receiving divine love.

The Smoky Amethyst crystal was found at the Purple Heart Mine located in South Carolina. This part of the United States has Amethyst crystal believed to be millions of years old. The Purple Heart Mine is located in South Carolina and is part of the Appalachian Mountains, one of the oldest mountain chains in the world where you'll find the widest variety of quartz crystals in the world. In this area, you will find some of the best Amethyst crystals to include Smoky Amethyst.