The Most Powerful Money Wealth Attracting Crystals in the World!

Crystals make amazing allies when it's all about manifesting your dreams into your life! The universe is full of abundance, and you can enhance your manifesting power, by programming your intentions into a crystal!

Some crystals however, are even MORE powerful, for specific purposes. For example, if your goal is to manifest LOVE, you might want to try some rose quartz. HOWEVER, if your goal is to manifest abundance of wealth... well: here are some crystal superstars for that very purpose!

#1 Citrine - The Money Crystal

Called the merchant's stone - it brings wealth and financial abundance into the lives of those who keep it near! This crystal is all about HIGH vibration, POSITIVE energy and a total and complete abundance of wealth, prosperity, MONEY & good fortune!

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#2 Aventurine - The Stone of Fortune

Have you the expression, you have spend money to make money? Well, Aventurine is the perfect example of that expression made true. It will cost you a little to buy an aventurine stone, but the manifesting power of Aventurine will MORE than pay for itself, many many many times over! Even as far back as ancient Greece, people knew that Aventurine was special, it has long held a reputation as being a STONE of LUCK and good fortune. This is where it gets it's name, AVENTURINE, to VENTURE... into great fortune!

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#3 Pyrite - The Fools Gold (Or is it?)

Resembling GOLD, pyrite was commonly mistake for gold by prospectors! In-fact, it is even more beautiful than gold and more powerful when it comes to attracting wealth and money into your life! Don't let the name FOOL you, there is nothing foolish about keeping this powerful stone near you. When it comes to summoning wealth into your life, Pyrite has few equals! The aura of Pyrite is so energetically charged towards abundance, that the stone actually glitters!

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