Best Crystals for Confidence

Do you have as much confidence in yourself as you would like? Undoubtedly, the question is tricky because we all have high self-esteem at times, but at others, it falls sharply. Self-confidence allows you to have faith in yourself in the different functional aspects of life. It is the basis for being able to face tasks and challenges and thus continually improve oneself. Therefore, training to have a winning mentality is vital.

Lack of self-esteem limits potential because it builds a wall between who you are and who you want to be. In that self-perception gap is where you lose because you allow restrictive beliefs to nest in your spirit.

The great news is that confidence is part of our behavior, so we can improve it, in the same manner, we change any habit: with intention and persistence.

What are the benefits of improved confidence?

  • Autonomy: increased ability to decide for yourself.
  • A growing sense of enjoyment.
  • Improved satisfaction with who you are and what you can achieve.
  • Confronting obstacles decisively.
  • The drive to go from the current lifestyle to the desired one.

Going Through Fear

Fear is our true enemy. We find it in many situations and wearing various disguises, but we know that fear itself is what holds us back. Fear is at the core of many mistakes, attitudes, and even poor decisions. Confidence is, in a way, the opposite of fear, and it is available for all of us; we can all learn to manage it.

The key is to take action. Humans permanently revive the reptilian instinct to face or flee from situations. Even with healthy self-esteem, if a few bad experiences erode our self-confidence, it will hinder us, putting all kinds of excuses and considerations that limit personal expansion beyond our comfort zone.

Feeling fear is normal: the key is to be aware of when it limits (or sometimes directly restricts) all action and development. The origin of fear in the absence of self-confidence can be complete, making you unable to face any situation with ease, no matter how minimal, or there could be an aspect of your life in which your lack of security is manifest.

A Little Voice

People with striking internal indecision are those who fantasize most of the time negatively. Since fear is imagination on an apparently real external expectation, it is possible to deconstruct it and turn it into something purposeful that propels you forward. Our everyday internal dialogue is what we need to watch; we need to spot its repetition of negative ideas about us. Start to observe that self-talk, detect what kind of words you say to yourself, and seek to change them.

Keeping a journal is a great way to monitor our internal dialogue. You can write about any negative thoughts during the day and how they influenced your feelings and experiences. Putting such experiences in writing helps release them and lowers their intensity when a similar situation appears.

Then think of a healing word. It could be peace, or temperance, or courage, whatever you feel is necessary. It is a good idea to write it at the end of the bad experience. It can become a mantra for evening meditation. Always remember to be thankful for the whole learning process.

In general, the fear of failure feels like a potent emotion that blocks, stagnates, and boycotts all your actions. The good news is that it is possible to reconstruct our beliefs, to change them for better ones aligned with our goals and aspirations.

Crystal Therapy

Everything on the planet is a manifestation of energy, which implies that crystals and precious stones have properties in the energy vibrations that the stones emanate and then interact with our own vibrations. 

Therefore, although they appear quiet, all crystals are an arrangement of molecules that vibrate at a particular frequency. That is what gives them an energy signature.

By wearing gemstones or crystals, affirmations or prayers are magnified. This will affect our body both physically and emotionally since thoughts can direct the energy flow. Imagery is vital in healing as it is in martial arts because great power cannot exist without direction. 

The best practices and the best crystals for confidence are those which better answer our particular needs. We can approach them in how we see fit—the properties of each crystal or stone might have a more potent or softer effect on us according to our affinity with that particular stone.

A Few Concrete Strategies

Thought Awareness

Our mind is constantly thinking. In India, the mind is compared to a wild monkey because it is erratic in its neverending need for activity. A regular person is very rarely silent. Whenever we are doing something or going somewhere, we are going through other things in our head that prevent us from the present moment.

It is possible to train yourself to disarm your brain’s unconscious trick of labeling negativity as reality. Most of the time, arriving at certain functional neutrality also boosts your potential rather than restricts it.

Body Posture

The upright posture and shoulders back is known as the superhero or heroine pose. An experiment was done to test how posture influences our reactions. One group was asked to hold that triumphant posture for two minutes, and another a defeated posture (shoulders slumped, beaten, forward, head down). The result showed that those who had the upright posture were flooded with feelings of power, strength, enthusiasm, and confidence. Simultaneously, the other group started feeling dejected, anguish, low self-esteem and performed poorly.

Before facing a stressful or difficult situation, do something that gets you out of your head. For instance:

  • Jump repeatedly 10 times as if celebrating a triumph.
  • Stretch your spine with your head upright.
  • Sing or whistle happily whenever you can to encourage yourself.

Exercise Your Decision “Muscle”

A decisive factor in gaining self-confidence is the ability to decide. Many people find it challenging to achieve it since it implies a risk: things may or may not turn out so well.

Take your time to think, but do not delay the decision. Think about the worst thing that can really happen. Let your mind feast on its fear for a bit regarding this decision. Then think about it seriously, and you will realize that, in general, any dreadful outcomes are the result of fantasy rather than reality.

Keep Track of Your Triggers

We all have some internal keys (situations or people) that, when activated, make us feel wildly insecure. If we can detect them, we will have overcome the invisible barriers that block our security.

Work with a psychotherapist in very limiting cases since it will be necessary to dive into the unconscious. In other situations, an experienced coach or neurolinguistic programming expert can help you clarify and re-establish the internal security interrupted circuit to support your strengths.

Be Goal-Oriented

A standard view of insecure people is that they focus too much on failures or catastrophic situations.

Make a daily list of achievements, no matter how small: there always are. Detect advances in minimal aspects to reinforce the brain’s reward center (the place of self-recognition); work on limiting mental models to detect beliefs and paradigms that may undermine your security.

Potent Transmutation With Crystals

Quartz is made up of silica and can be transparent, white, or colored. In general, quartz is a fusion of water and sand turned into crystals after millennia; hence its strength and its ability to transmute and accumulate energy and release it when necessary.

Due to this internal power, crystals are used in ancient therapies such as crystal therapy or Reiki to harmonize inner energy. According to its color and composition, each crystal vibrates with a specific energy center of the body. There are many centers, but we are used to the main seven ones that align with our spine.

The crystals that belong to each of these seven chakras bring harmony and power to our energy body.

Aquamarine is used in the throat to improve its functions, so it has a lot to do with communication. But communication is much more than our voice. Communication starts in our hearts because it is the fruit of understanding who we are and what we want. The type of clear thinking that we need to communicate efficiently is also an aspect of our self-confidence.

It attracts clarity of thought, peace, and self-control. Since ancient times it has been considered the stone of the sailors; it protects from all the diseases of those who make long voyages by sea. It is regarded as one of the most beneficial stones.

Citrine is a crystal you can have around to help you find harmony between your desires and decisions. It is connected to the power of the sun, and it represents our personal power. It is a very beneficial, energizing, and creative stone that transmutes and discharges negative energies, protecting the environment.

This stone originates from Brazil, Russia, France, among other places in the world. It is indicated to bring abundance; it encourages sharing what one has and imparts joy to all who behold it. Promotes internal calm and helps to work from positive energy

Smoky quartz is a fantastic stone, which has a strong bond with earthly energies. It relieves pain and is an excellent aid against stress and obsessive thoughts. Feeling your unwanted thoughts diminish already makes it one of the best crystals for confidence because it changes how you feel in a social situation and gives you more room to act.

It will help you accept your physical appearance and sexual nature. It enhances sexual desire and cleanses the Base Chakra so passion can flow naturally.

Carnelian stone is orange, but it can also be on the reddish side. Motivation and inspiration are among its qualities, but it can also deliver courage. It is a stone that will help you activate your life if you are really stuck.

This stone represents the Sacral Chakra which can help alleviate addiction and harness your sensuality and creativity.

Applying a Crystal

Wearing a crystal, and making them a part of our reiki session, are but a couple of the options we have to interact with our gems. Meditation is another of the main tools for deep transformations.

A simple yet powerful meditation: 

  • Start with a good posture, sitting with your back straight, on a chair, or on a yoga mat with your eyes closed.
  • Keep the crystal you chose in your left hand with the palm facing upwards. 
  • Your right hand can make a mudra to improve concentration; for instance, join the tip of the index finger with that of the thumb.
  • Focus on your breathing without changing its pace. 
  • Keep your attention on the air and how it moves in your body for a few minutes, then focus on the stone. Visualize its color and imagine a light inside it emanating towards your whole body, covering you completely.
  • When you are in its light, allow the limits of your body to disappear, as if you turned into a being of pure light. This is how we call the crystal to transmute our energy.
  • Remain in that light for as long as you need and then let it return to the crystal, giving thanks to it and to the universe. 
  • Then open your eyes and return to your activities.

Personal Power

We can think of confidence as the power of our personality. It is part of our ability to communicate with others. It starts within us, but it makes a massive difference in how we deal with our day-to-day lives and how we find purpose and freedom in our existence in general.

The best crystals for confidence are a great aid in finding this freedom in our individual circumstances. Because no matter what they are, we have an infinite potential for improvement that we just need to manifest.