Best Crystals For Sacral Chakra

The universe vibrates. It expresses its energy in the movement of its particles and currents. We perceive these energies through our bodies and minds in many ways, but we are also nurtured in ways we are not aware of.

Vitality in The Body

According to the ancient Indian texts, each vibrational frequency of existence matches a color, a sound, and a fragrance. For these yogis, the air is much more than our bodies’ breathing; it is seen as a particle charged by the sun with vital energy that contains subtle qualities.

There are two specialized energy centers in the nose’s area to uptake the air’s vital energy. This life force is circulated throughout the body along nadis, the “veins” of our energy body, and feeding each chakra. These nadis are over 70000, and they have some common characteristics with the Chinese meridians. 

When a nadi suffers a disturbance, it draws energy from the nearest chakra, creating an imbalance in that area. This is how by enhancing that chakra, we will positively influence that decompensation.

3 main nadi channels
  • The central nadi is called Sushumna, and it runs through our spine, from the coccyx to the crown.
  • Ida and Pingala rise to its sides like two snakes coiling up the spine, starting from the genitals and reaching the nostrils. Ida on the left and Pingala on the right.

Our energy body receives its power from each of these chakras. But they also link our physical body to this subtle energy system nurturing organs, being the “vitality” of the body itself. These wheels or chakras are the unions between consciousness or mind and matter or body. In this way, we align our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

The chakras absorb energy, process it, and assimilate it according to each human being’s vibrational frequency, triggering a physiological response as the final part of the process.

The chakras are distributed throughout the spine, from the coccyx to the crown. When we are aware of their existence, we can work together on aspects of the physical body and the energetic.

Our surroundings participate in the way that we access the energy of the Earth. Being in contact with nature is beneficial for all human beings. Also, depending on where we are, the sun’s power may be stronger or more absent, and we need to keep this in mind and act accordingly. Make sure to be out in the sun whenever possible in the winter, being careful of its strength in the summer if it becomes dangerous. 

Eating healthy and exercising are two of the first recommendations that yogis and doctors will give us right away. Having enough sleep is also at the top of their advice. But focusing specifically on our aura, having a Quartz Crystal as a companion brings excellent results to our inner harmony. The same goes for the best crystals for sacral chakra. They are always a positive factor in our lives.

Every imbalance that you find in your life can be improved by harmonizing your chakras. These practices may be one step in your healing process or the solution you were looking for. In either case, you notice a positive transformation in how you feel, think and act if you present your energy body with better energy.

The Sacral Chakra

An easy way to remember the chakras is by recognizing them by their color and where they reside.

The root chakra is the one that connects us with the Earth; it is located at the base of the spine. It is related to the basic needs of people, love, security, and subsistence. This chakra is associated with the adrenal glands’ functioning, the bone structure, the feet, and the legs. But above all, it sustains the physical body’s energy in general. This is why it is so important. This chakra connects us to the Earth’s vitality and is at the core of our own lifeforce. It represents the will to live. It is the lowest of the chakras and rotates at the frequency of red light.

To picture a chakra in the body, we can imagine a rotating wheel of energy rotating really fast, where matter and consciousness coincide. 

Obstacles in The Way of Your Sacral Chakra

When there is a blockage in a chakra, energy cannot flow. To keep a chakra open, we must first be aware of this imbalance and then act through the tools we will discuss in a bit. In daily life, all chakras benefit from meditation, and many energy therapies will also improve their power. Keeping the Muladhara healthy is even more critical. The best crystals for sacral chakra that we will mention can make a real difference in how you receive and transmute your energy.

The root chakra encompasses everything that provides life stability, including basic needs (water, food, shelter, security) and emotional needs (losing fear).

When these needs are not met, the root chakra may become blocked, creating anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, and a lack of motivation towards life.

These symptoms can also manifest in your body as pain in the legs or hips, eating disorders, and chronic fatigue.

These are just some of the possible indications of imbalance or blockage of energy in the root chakra, which fortunately diminish and even disappear once the energy flow in it is re-activated.

Harmony and Vitality

We can practice this exercise daily, but no more than once a day. We are aiming for balance and harmony. This practice may last about ten minutes. As with many meditation practices, it is unnecessary to look at the clock; it is ok if it is a bit longer or shorter.

Note: Watching the clock or your smartphone will make you anxious, so just keep the phone in silent mode and out of sight.

The purpose of this practice is to balance, harmonize and stimulate the vital energy of the root chakra, transforming or letting the most potent energy that the being possesses flow in a balanced way and also to create more favorable circumstances for the energy body’s work.

Best Crystals for Sacral Chakra

This is when we need to choose which of the best crystals for sacral chakra is appropriate for us. As the color of this chakra is red, there are many natural red stones that we can choose from. These could be:

  • red jasper,
  • coral,
  • hematite,
  • red agate.

If you are thinking of a ruby, yes, it is a great choice. Obsidian and other black stones are also used, and they provide a great connection to the Earth. Still, I would use them in a different context and not for chakra work specifically.

Before starting the meditation, we should prepare a place that will be quiet and where we will not be disturbed for a few minutes. Our clothing should be light and not at all constricting. It is also a good idea not to meditate in your work clothes. They may condition your mind to a more active “beta” brainwave state than the “alpha” that brings about relaxation and clarity of mind.

A Muladhara Chakra Meditation

Once you are prepared, sit on a pillow or a zafu (if there is one around) on a mat. You can cross your legs in any posture that seems both comfortable and stable.

  1. Place your crystal (already cleansed, for instance, through cold water) in front of you, between your legs and your pelvis.
  2. Focus your eyes for a few seconds on the crystal to have an image of its shape. You do not need to remember it exactly.
  3. Close your eyes and sit straight.
  4. Imagine a connection from your sacral chakra to your crystal; we are not thinking of images; we look for a feeling, a sensation. This connection might be similar to shaking hands; I do not mean this in the act itself, but in the “feeling” of acknowledging someone else and sensing their presence.
  5. Inhale and repeat several times without straining your breath the mantra for this chakra, which is LAM (in pronunciation, it rhymes with clan).
  6. Keep inhaling and repeating the mantra while exhaling. Remain focused on the connection between the crystal and your root chakra. 
  7. When you feel the time is up, just open your eyes, put away the crystal and continue with your day.

Yogic Postures

There are many postures (asanas) that you can use to meditate. As long as your spine is straight and you are not in pain, you will get good results. However, a few postures are traditional within Eastern meditation. Some of those are particularly indicated to bring about empowerment to the chakras.

These asanas can be performed for a few seconds while focusing the attention on the sacral chakra, as they activate it:

1. Purvottanasana (Upward Plank)

Start of a sitting position, with your legs stretched forward. Rest your hands on the ground, behind your body, your fingers are pointing towards your feet. The spine should be straight, and the body active. Then with an inhalation, raise from the pelvis until separating the whole body from the ground. You press your hands and heels hard against the ground to lift yourself up high. Raise your chest, intending for the opening of the heart area. Allow your head to fall back, but never collapsing on your neck. When in doubt, it is preferable to leave the head up aligned with the rest of the spine.

2. Padmasana, (Lotus Pose)

This posture is excellent for meditation and is widely used in Zen and Buddhism in general, as in most Eastern traditions.

Start by sitting upright on the floor. Bend your right leg, and using your hands, place your right foot on your left thigh as close to your groin as possible. (The toes should stick out of the thigh).

Then bend your left leg, and with your hands, place your left foot on your right thigh, touching your groin. The shins cross, and the edges of the heels touch the pelvis. Hold for a few deep breaths. Stretch the spine from the navel upwards and expand your chest forward. Stretch your arms and support the back of your wrists on your knees. You can perform the LAM meditation in this posture.

3. Malasana (Squat Posture)

Standing on the mat, spread your legs a little more than hip-width apart, and turn your feet slightly outward. Then bend your knees, and lower yourself into a squat. Align your knees and feet. Heels flat on the ground. If the heels don’t reach, you can use a folded towel under them. Place hands together in prayer pose in the center of the chest. Inhale and while exhaling, repeat the mantra LAM and use the elbows to gently press the knees outward, opening the hips and expanding the thorax. Relax the shoulders, allow them to fall away from the ears, and lengthen the spine. 

4. Affirmations

I find affirmations to be very useful, but we need to use them with the right attitude. An affirmation does not need boundless optimism, but it should be said with conviction, or at least, not feeling the opposite of what is stated.

It is not important where or how you say them. If approached with honesty, taking a few minutes a day to recite some affirmations will give you security and confidence and help attract incredible things into your life. Keep your crystal with you in your hands or clothes if you are out and about.

Here are a few affirmations for the sacral chakra:

“I am nurtured constantly by the power of the Earth.”

“I am at home whenever I am.”

“I trust in Life.”

“The Earth and I are always One.”