Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra

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Spiritual health and the health of our body are not separated. There is a harmony that benefits both. Over time we are getting more and more used to think about the balance of body and mind, even in western medicine. When we approach ancient knowledge, we should contemplate the deeper aspects of ourselves in this equation and consider body, mind, and spirit.

To understand and find this harmony, we need to look at humankind in a new dimension. We need to think of ourselves in terms of energy.

When we hear someone speak about energy, it might sound like they are talking about feelings or impressions, but we should not conceive it as an abstraction or a synonym of emotional energy only.

An Energy System

The auric field is the usual name for the entire energy system of each person. It consists of seven major chakras and seven energy bodies responsible for assimilating the different energy types that nourish and are processed at each level.

This individual auric field is not closed or isolated. It works in resonance with the environment, with other living beings, and with the Divinity to continually interact, deliver and take energy and multidimensional information from the different fields that it surrounds and their respective inhabitants.

The Solar Plexus (Manipura)

The solar plexus chakra is the third center of consciousness of the human body’s energy system. It is also known as Manipura chakra and is the most subtle of the first three chakras. Manipura means in Sanskrit “brilliant gem” or “city of jewels” and is related to the fire element and the color yellow. It is located on the navel and at the junction of the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae.

This chakra absorbs and distributes the prana responsible for all digestive functions, liver, spleen, pancreas, etc. It is linked to the lower chakras’ energy. The solar plexus chakra is the point that feeds the three bodies with energy and vitality: The physical, the energetic, and the emotional and its work. On an emotional level, it is related to power and control and freedom, confidence, and the ability to be yourself. But it also transmutes that emotional energy into spiritual force. It becomes the force that makes us act and carry out the conception and materialization of our worldview and purpose. It represents action, will, balance, and personal power. It is a primal impulse of life that this chakra manifests through who we are.

Manipura is related to the purifying processes of the body and the release of toxins. It is the largest of all the chakras and the most powerful. This chakra encourages brainpower, the development of knowledge, and the left brain.

The solar plexus center is our principle. It is the first point through which a human being receives food and energy to live as a fetus in their mother’s womb. Once the mother’s physical connection ends, this center continues its function on a more subtle plane. This area collects the cosmos’ energy and strengthening it will help us concentrate and organize the lower chakras’ energy to access higher consciousness’s realms.

Healing The Solar Plexus

Approaching effective healing, we should think of the best healing crystals for solar plexus chakra and apply them for this specific need. If Manipura suffers from a deficiency or a blockage, the individual feels a lack of energy, and willpower diminishes, self-esteem also drops as a consequence. Somebody with a weak third chakra often gives their power to someone else or an outside source. There is no self-discipline or the ability to keep going, no self-motivation.

If there is excess energy, the person may try to control other people and situations. These individuals can be overly active and have a hard time finding calm. They can be aggressive, dominant, manipulative, and hungry for power. Since they have no problem acting, they are likely to have outstanding achievements under their belt.

For someone on the chakra’s short side, many techniques can be used along with the best crystals for solar plexus chakra.

In that case, the work during yoga practice should revolve around building strength, especially in the abdomen. It is an excellent idea to accompany this practice with methods for cultivating self-discipline and self-esteem, which we will also describe below.

We can restore our third chakras’ balance and improve our well-being by knowing what affects each energy center and how it can be sped up or slowed down.

Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra (aka Personal Power)

Solar Plexus chakra crystals play a very important role when it comes to improving our emotional balance as well as physical healing. As part of emotional healing, solar plexus crystals are used especially to improve our self-confidence and self-esteem.

As solar plexus chakra is associated with our digestive system, these crystals also help in problems associated with the digestive system such as the spleen, pancreas, liver, skin, and stomach.

The best crystals for solar plexus chakra are:

  • citrine,
  • topaz,
  • tiger’s eye, and
  • amber

You can have several of these, but it is vital to have one, in particular, that is purposefully attuned to your third chakra. This choice works through intuition, but do not worry because any of those will work very well on you.

It is enough to be placed next to the bed or workplace or kept in your clothes in daily life. But let’s take a look at a more concentrated effort for a moment of need.


How to Balance Your Manipura Chakra

A short meditation that we can often do will be a great aid to help our energy body. You will need a mat on which to sit and also lay down at a specific moment. Also, have your crystals nearby; pick the one you feel more in tune with from the best crystals for solar plexus chakra and keep it at hand.

You can sit quietly somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and allow your mind to concentrate on each of the seven chakras, starting at the root chakra.
At each step, just let your mind focus on the specific spot in a calm manner. If you need to, I suggest you keep a drawing in front of you to remind you of each energy center’s location. (A more advanced approach would be to visualize the color of each chakra along with their mantra. I will describe this process for the Manipura, but you could do the same with the others and their colors and mantras.)
When we arrive at the third chakra, we will pay extra attention to it; we might even help this flow of energy by using what is called a seed mantra, a single syllable that corresponds to this chakra in the Hindu tradition. Ram (pronunciation: rhymes with “clan”) is the sound for this center. Inhale and repeat it several times during each exhalation for a few minutes.
Lay down on your back and place the crystal on your solar plexus.
Meditate on this chakra using your attention. Bring presence and mental clarity to this chakra visualizing a yellow light to strengthen and cleanse it.

This meditation can be used regularly, a few times a week or a few times a month. You will notice the result as in the way of a more ordered mind and a natural impulse towards action and discipline.

Other Techniques For Balancing The Third Chakra

Each of the chakras has insights that lead us to personal realizations. They all work in slightly different ways according to our nature and personality. It is beneficial to consider more than one approach to find our energetic harmony.

Some of the alternatives that heal our solar plexus chakra in its natural flow include:


Aromatherapy is a powerful alternative if the aim is to unblock the solar plexus chakra. Some of the oils that can be used are ginger, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. We are referring here to working specifically with the sense of smell, which is very powerful, but be careful with consuming or applying any essential oil, even if it is pure, as it can cause an allergic reaction.


Staying relaxed will help the body regain its balance. For this reason, in one of the basic breathing exercises of yoga, it is recommended to find a quiet place to sit and breathe deeply for a count of three. Then also for a count of three: holding the breath, exhaling, and counting before inhaling again. This is done for no more than three minutes, then the normal breathing rhythm is resumed.

Hatha Yoga

You do not need to practice a whole routine in yoga for it to have very positive effects. Many people practice the postures that help their back or neck or use these ancient techniques to have a quick stretch in the morning. Of course, yoga’s particular purpose is inseparable from improving the energy body, so here are a few movements aimed at opening and unblocking the Manipura chakra.

Three Postures

These postures are not complex to perform but require care, and they might not be appropriate for you if you have a physical problem. If you are healthy, go ahead, you can easily find a tutorial for each of these.

  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana Or Seated Half Twist Pose- It operates in the digestive system. By pressing on the abdomen, you strengthen your willpower and develop balance on the right and left sides.
  2. Dhanurasana Or bow pose- This generates a sense of balance in the body. All the weight and blood flow are transferred to the abdomen area that is strengthened. Thus the digestive system is stimulated.
  3. Navasana Or boat pose- It stimulates the digestive system, balances the whole body, and creates self-confidence. Increases the sense of personal power.


As with the main exercise, repeating this mantra during the day in silence or out loud will also increase personal control and self-esteem. Every time you feel your willpower waver, repeat this mantra to regain motivation and self-control.

Reducing Stress

Constant stressful situations are an obstacle to keeping our willpower active and our chakras healthy. Unfortunately, almost every time we want to achieve a goal, we are faced with things that cause us tension and stress. Therefore, we should learn to manage it so that it affects us as little as possible.

We can relax with techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.

Radical Acceptance

Although we often ignore it, our determination and self-control suffer when we err on the side of severity. Having self-compassion is being kind to ourselves and accepting our mistakes without judgment.

If we can incorporate this into our lives, we remain motivated and committed to our goals. Dwelling on past failures is not a habit of successful people in general. In fact, they seem to have a certain immunity to such feelings, which allows them to keep taking risks.

It is not about going through life taking mediocre steps; However, it’s not worth wearing yourself out trying to be perfect either. Perfectionism can be detrimental when we want to achieve a specific goal.

The Harmony of Personal Goals

To have more willpower is essential to have clear goals. However, we must also pay attention to the process, since many times, in the desire to achieve results, we fail to have a balanced perspective of our life.

We must decide, taking the time to consider them properly, each of our aims carefully. Each of our important decisions should be in accordance with what we truly desire out of life so that we do not end up victims of self-sabotage.

We must understand our self-discipline not as slavery but as exercising our freedom, and we will see our motivation flow and provide our bodies with a higher energy vibration and health.