Charge Your Garden With Crystals!

Gardening with Crystals is nothing new with First Nation shamans and others from around the world using them for gardening for thousands of years. Different crystals represent the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water which are believed to add balance and harmony to the garden. Representing the four elements is important when designing a Zen or meditation garden.

Crystals come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. You might use a small crystal in a birdbath, succulent container garden, fountain, or fairy garden. Large crystals can be placed throughout the garden or used to mark out garden beds or trails. You might even find a butterfly using the shiny reflective surface of a crystal to help warm themselves and dry the dew off their wings just as they do with gazing balls.

Another way to use crystals is to add an antique crystal chandelier, or lampshade hung from overhangs, tree limbs, or pergolas, when the sun hits them, you'll get colorful rays of light throughout. When gardening with crystals the stones can be planted in the soil next to or underneath the plant roots, or they can also be displayed on the soil surface next to the plant. The following are just some of the crystals you might use in your garden.

Citrine. This crystal symbolizes the energy of the sun. It helps to add a happy accent to beds or containers. It promotes happiness and dispels toxins and negativity.

Clear Quartz. This crystal is one of the most common stones available, it easily reflects sunlight, sometimes casting rainbow reflections. Clear Quartz may help tomato plants resist pests and disease, including blight.

Green Adventurine. This crystal can be used for bird or butterfly baths, fountains, and container gardens. It also provides a less expensive alternative to Jade for bonsai or Zen gardens. It helps to calm stress and absorb negativity. It can also aid new plantings and help to reduce transplant shock.

Malachite. This green crystal represents abundance and fertility. It promotes new growth and transformation when added to a garden. Large raw pieces of Malachite make great garden accents.

Moonstone. This crystal is associated with the moon. It makes an excellent addition to moon gardens, especially when they are accentuated with landscape lighting. It promotes health and fertility. It adds the energy of peace and relaxation.

Moss Agate. This crystal is known as the gardener’s stone. It promotes a connection to the earth and has grounding energies. It adds balance, promotes health, and vitality in the garden. Small polished pieces or chips can be used as accents in cacti, succulent, or fairy gardens.

Rhyolite. This colorful crystal adds balance, fortitude, and perseverance.