Create A Crystal Infused Aura Cleansing Spray!

Clearing your aura can be an excellent spiritual practice to get into. It can help to lift your mood and cleanse any negative or stagnant energy from your auric field, making you feel lighter and more at ease. Your aura is the invisible energy field that extends around your body about elbow distance from your sides. Your aura is made up of energy and is an extension of your subtle energy body and your authentic vibration. It can be closer or further from your body depending on how open you are, or closer to your body for more of a sense of protection. Auras cannot be seen by the naked eye, although some people say they can see them.

The energy of the aura can show up in many colors, and there are even cameras that have been designed to pick up the colors that surround people. The colors can range from all shades of the rainbow and there can be one or multiple colors in the aura. There are also white or golden auras which in a spiritual sense, signify enlightenment or attunement with the higher self and the angelic realm.

The colors of the aura could also relate to the colors of the Chakras. Red is a grounding stabilized color full of Earth energy, orange would be a sensual and creative color, yellow would be a playful and vibrant aura, green would be full of love and empathy, blue is communicative and connected with others, indigo represents someone who is very in tune with their intuition and purple would be someone who has a very heightened sense of spirituality. You can use your intuition to sense what the colors mean to you.

Just as your body can feel bogged down or sick, your auric fields can accumulate energy too. That's why it's important to clear your aura regularly so that you can feel relaxed and at ease. Negative energy can attach to your aura which can make it feel or appear to be dull in color, and cleansing your aura and clearing away all of the negative energy will restore it and brighten it up again. Imagine it like dusting off a dusty light bulb so the light can shine clearly.

So while many people smudge their aura, there are ways to do it without smoke too. This is a great way for people who live in apartments or condos where burning incense or smudge is not allowed. All you need is a nice spray bottle, some distilled or purified water, essential oils, and crystals. Choose crystals according to the vibration you want the spray to have. For example, Clear Quartz is good at clearing away negative energy. Look through the different meanings of crystals to see which one resonates the most. Just be careful not to add any crystals that will dissolve in water.

Then, put the crystals in the bottle, fill it up with water and add a few drops of essential oil you like. You can also leave it unscented if you prefer. Then, gently shake to mix and allow the water to sit for at least an hour before using. Now you have your very own aura clearing spray. Make a small bottle to carry around with you and use it as you need for a great boost throughout the day. To use, spray around your body just as you would with anybody spray or spritz into the air in front of you and walk through a few times. Imagine the spray clearing your auric field and letting it shine brightly once again.