Crystals and Moon Phases

As the closest astronomical body to us, the moon has a great influence on our physical, mental, and spiritual states. In the same way that its gravitational pull affects the tides of the oceans and seas, it in turn affects us in various ways. Just as there are crystals for every aspect of healing, each moon phase holds its own meaning in different areas of our lives. To properly harness the moon’s energy, we must first understand what each phase means as well as which crystal corresponds to which phase. 

The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle, when the moon sits directly between the earth and sun, seemingly invisible in the night sky. This is the moon phase responsible for new beginnings and adventures – intentions for change and positivity should be set around this time for the coming lunar cycle. The best crystal for the new moon is, as one would imagine, moonstone.

Moonstone encompasses the divine feminine energy of the moon, encouraging change, transformation, and stepping into your own power. 

The Waxing Crescent is the second phase of the moon, during which a thin sliver of light can be seen from the right side as the moon “sprouts” back into view for the first time at the start of the lunar cycle. This is the perfect time to become inspired and act on your ambitions.

Citrine is a very powerful choice of crystal for this moon phase as it inspires creativity and perseverance, bringing energies of prosperity and abundance. 

The First Quarter signifies the halfway mark to the full moon, during which the right side of the moon is fully illuminated. This moon phase represents the need to stand firmly in your beliefs and persevere in your endeavors. Your creativity and aspirations will be met with challenges and obstacles, but it’s important to see them through in order to manifest your dreams.

Fluorite is an exceptional stone for focus and concentration while Tiger’s Eye promotes resilience, courage, and stability. 

The Waxing Gibbous is the gestation period, during which you can begin to see the reward of your efforts. As the moon is almost full, with only a thin sliver of darkness on the left side, this moon phase urges us not to give up. Practice patience and stay committed, you’re almost there.

Black Obsidian is the perfect crystal for the waxing gibbous, as it helps to manifest your dreams, while keeping you grounded, stimulating growth, and providing protection against any negative thoughts that may oppose your desired outcome. 

The Full Moon marks the midpoint of the lunar cycle when the earth sits directly in between the moon and the sun. As the moon is fully illuminated, you are able to see yourself clearly in every aspect of your being and make adjustments where necessary to help you achieve your goals. This peak lunar energy will amplify your own, making you more aware of your emotions, thoughts, and psychic potential. During the full moon, your dreams, aspirations, and endeavors will come to fruition. Celebrate your success with

Rose Quartz, the stone of love, happiness, and compassion. 

The Waning Gibbous marks the end of the manifestation cycle. As a shadow begins to develop on the right side of the moon, this is the time for gratitude and a change in direction. Reflection and introspection will allow you to see how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished, while preparing for a new venture.

Opalite will assist in releasing your old intentions and regaining your balance, emotionally and spiritually.

The Last Quarter is the phase when the left side of the moon is illuminated and the right side is dark, the half point when power is fading. This is the true time of release – relinquish old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you to make room for new and exciting things. As the moon wanes, it’s important to remember that feeling energetically drained and emotionally overwhelmed is completely normal. Take time to rest and recuperate your strength.

Amethyst is a great crystal for this moon phase as it instills calm and helps to protect against and dispel any lingering negativity. 

The Waning Crescent is the last phase of the moon when the illuminated left side becomes smaller and thinner, meeting the end of the lunar cycle. This is a time of reflection and restoration during which you should replenish your thoughts and aspirations.

Sodalite opens the third eye chakra, imparting wisdom and insight which will help you to put things into perspective and adjust your endeavors for the coming lunar cycle. 

Honoring the power of the moon and harnessing its energy is as simple as speaking your intentions into your crystal during the moon phase that resonates with you at any given time. Sit them on a windowsill or somewhere outside where they can catch direct moonlight, charging the crystal with the moon’s energy. These crystals can also be set into candles, on your altar, or meditated with while focusing on your intention. The gentle yet powerful light of the moon is perfect for cleansing and charging your crystals.