Crystals Are The Stunning New Trend In Home Decor

Just imagine walking into your home decked out in crystal countertops, a huge crystal bathtub, and crystal sinks galore. Taking a bath in one of these incredible crystal bathtubs would be an experience of a lifetime. Imagine how relaxed and energetic you'd feel afterward.

There are crystal bathtubs available, but they can be quite pricy. For a Rose Quartz bathtub, it can be $27,000 and for a Labradorite tub, the price is about $30,000. The sinks, on the other hand, tend to be more around the $3,000 price range depending on what type of crystal you want your sink to be crafted out of. For a Rose Quartz sink it's about $3,500 and for a Jasper sink about $1,400 which is a bit more affordable.

Crystal countertops are also available, with a far range of prices from thousands to a hundred thousand depending on the size, type of crystal, and the grade of the crystal too. Some more affordable countertops are made out of tiny pieces of crystals and are put together to create one larger piece of the counter. You can also buy crystal tiles for more affordable prices, but some can still be around $600 for one tile. You could do a nice crystal feature tile wall in your home. The reason these crystal products are so expensive is that it can be difficult to find large pieces of crystal to make these items.

Some of the sinks and even bathtubs have more of a raw crystal look to them with the natural points and crystals. The Amethyst sinks are huge crystal geodes that have been cracked open. The sink also has to have all of the plumbing components to include the drain which can be tricky to install without cracking the crystals. What do you think, would you love having real crystal features like these in your dream home? What type of crystal would you choose?