Crystals Associated with Greek God Zeus

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the youngest child of the Titan Cronus (the great teacher). He is the highest power of the mental plane through the physical, and the embodiment of the aspiration for spiritual growth, expanding the conscious mind, and crossing the boundaries. The history within these myths tell a story of creation and the inclusion of mind into mankind, within which the creation of all existence was born from a union between the infinite sky, symbolic of the Spirit (Ouranos) and the Earth, representing matter in nature (Gaia). In The Theogony, it states that “the powers of creation could not be active as long as infinite Space remained unlimited, as long as Spirit did not accept any boundaries.” And He did not, hiding his children (the forces of creation) in many secret places inside Earth until they became freed by Cronus and His boundaries were implemented through the succession of generations after the first. Cronus became Lord of the Sky and wed his sister Rhea, with whom he had many children. However, warned by an oracle that one offspring would depose him, he began to devour them as soon as they were born. Rhea managed to hide one child from Cronus, replacing the bundle with a rock instead. This child was Zeus, hidden on Mount Ida, the mountain itself representative of his role and of the mind which would then realize the union of the Absolute, the Nature, and Humankind. Mount Ida invites us to imagine that there exists a level of consciousness above the mental state which pervades and overcomes the ego. In his infancy, Zeus was fed the milk of a goat by the nymph Amalthea. Symbolic of the chamois in Greece, the goat is known as the animal which climbs the highest mountains – or in other words, the personality which seeks to climb the highest toward the Spirit. The feeding by the goat’s milk indicates that the highest form of consciousness (Zeus) is developed through an aspiration for growth and from the devotion to finding Truth.

Crystals which are associated with the Greek God Zeus are those which present the properties of spiritual growth through introspection and ascension of the mind, carrying the energies of the ultimate source of creation, the source to which we long to return. The crystals associated with Zeus would include, but are not limited to: 

Clear Quartz is doubtless one of the most versatile healing crystals known to man, and with its ability to open and align all the chakras, especially the Crown (associated with spiritual ascension), it’s no wonder this crystal is associated with Zeus. Additionally, its ability to clear out unwanted frequencies and negative thoughts will help to keep you focused on your spiritual path. 

Turquoise is the stone of the throat chakra and of communication. It protects, guides, and allows you to speak your truth, even if it’s only you who’s listening. Turquoise will help you to navigate the confusing path of enlightenment while keeping you safe and attuned to the powers of the divine. 

African Turquoise is the stone of evolution which inspires balance and motivation to seek out your true purpose. Encouraging growth and development for positive change, it invokes energies of transformation, new opportunities, and endless possibilities. African turquoise urges you to find the power within and explore your full potential through the application of intuition and wisdom. 

Rutilated Quartz, the stone of manifestation, is one of the ultimate crystal sources of inner power. It allows you to seek, find, and harness the magic within in order to turn your dreams into reality. As it is deeply connected to divine energy, rutilated quartz lends a special sense of power and magic to those who seek enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Diamonds have long since been known to lend very powerful positive vibrations that cleanse and energize the aura. As pure as this crystal appears on the surface, the same energy flows through it, allowing you to access higher realms and connect with the divine. Diamonds are associated with Zeus as reaching the higher forms of consciousness. 

Lapis Lazuli is the psychic protector, the stone of intuition, and the protector of travelers. It teaches you to look within yourself to find truth and power, bringing forth a balance between the mental and physical states. Lapis Lazuli honors the higher power and potential while showing you the possibilities of tapping into your own source of magic. 

Topaz is known to soothe, recharge, energize, and stabilize all aspects of man. As it exists in many colors, it’s often associated with opening and aligning the energy centers of the body to help energy flow freely throughout. Topaz brings love, abundance and health, while stimulating the mind to search for spiritual evolution. 

These crystals associated with Greek God Zeus can be used to one’s benefit in a multitude of ways. Implemented into your meditation practices, it can open the third eye and crown chakras to transcend the intellect using intuition and psychic sight. To promote the properties represented by Zeus, create a candle inlaid with these crystals and light it on Sundays, the day for spirituality and new hope. According to the Feng Shui Bagua map, the best place to keep these crystals is in the South West or front left area of the home, the area responsible for knowledge and self-cultivation. If you’re a spiritual practitioner, consider creating an altar to honor these attributes or a crystal grid containing all the crystals associated with Zeus.