Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety can sometimes seem to spring up out of nowhere. Everything is fine, you’re having a good time, and then suddenly something clicks (or rather, unclicks) in your brain and before you know it, you’re hyperventilating and it feels like death. At times, even just thinking about it can bring on an episode. Thankfully, there are natural ways we can control this, or at least ease the severity and frequency of the occurrences. Healing crystals and meditation is one sure way to align the self, and these crystals for anxiety and panic attacks will have you feeling calm and centered in no time. 

Amethyst is the ultimate stress-relief crystal, as its soothing energies help to calm a chaotic mind while instilling lasting feelings of relaxation. It dispels and transmutes negative energy into positivity, helping to cleanse, protect, and purify. This beautiful purple stone is perfect for anyone who has insomnia or anxiety as it eases the mind and allows calming energies to wash over you.  

Citrine brings with it all the vibrant and happy energies of the sun to keep you feeling uplifted and joyful even in the lowest times. It works to unwind and untwist those tangled feelings and find peace within yourself. It replaces doubt with clarity and worry with warmth, providing all the positive feelings you need the most in anxious times.   

Rhodonite releases and suppresses feelings of stress and anxiety, releasing negative thoughts and worrisome emotions. It organizes the chaos of the mind, helping you to clear out emotional trauma and take control of those obsessive thoughts. Rhodonite nurtures and loves you to remind you that you’re not alone.  

Moonstone is a stone of transformation and new beginnings that helps us to connect with the divine femenine and balance our hormones as well as the emotional body. It encourages strength and spiritual growth, teaching us to release fear and insecurities. Moonstone stabilizes the emotional body and relieves stress.  

Rose Quartz is pure love, bringing nurturing energies of warmth and happiness to the wearer. It promotes love on all fronts, but especially encourages us to love ourselves first. When we can let go of insecurities and learn to appreciate ourselves, anxiety melts away naturally. Be present in your own heart and let go of that which no longer serves you.  

Celestite or “the celestial” helps to form a divine connection with angels and spirit guides. When our energetic being vibrates at divine frequencies, we become more in tune with our higher selves and the trivialities of the 3d world are put into perspective. Celestite protects and reassures, helping to release stress and anxiety, while minimizing panic attacks. 

Meditation is a powerful thing – so powerful in fact, that it has the ability to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment in such a way that almost seems impossible. Working to clear the mind and center the chakras, meditating with crystals is one simple way to keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy. Try making a circle around yourself with these crystals for anxiety and panic attacks and you’ll literally feel the stress and worry melt away from the environment.