Crystals For Depression And Anger

When you feel yourself falling into a depressed state of mind, it can take over your life, and be disabling. You may have feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and loneliness, so it's important to find ways to uplift your spirit. Even if you do small things to help your symptoms, they can help to lessen the impact your feelings have on your life. Crystals can help you manage your feelings, but if your symptoms persist it is recommended that you seek medical advice.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can sometimes take control of you and lead you down a negative path. Expressing anger is important to your emotional well-being, but it is also important to release it, learn, and move on from it. When you hold onto anger for too long or haven’t yet learned how to control your anger it might be time to learn some ways to help you process and express your anger in a better way. Crystals are just one of the tools to help you process and healthily express your anger.

Agate is a crystal that can help you get back into a state of balance. It is a grounding stone that helps you get centered and find your equilibrium when life throws you off balance and allows you to address anxiety from a more grounded place.

Amethyst is a gentle stone that brings deep peace and relaxation to your body, mind, and spirit and helps to diminish feelings of anxiety and stress. With its deep purple color, it has an instantly calming effect.

Angelite is thought to be a peaceful stone that embodies the vibrations of your guardian angels. It is thought to infuse your spirit with positivity and serenity. When you are surrounded by your angel's divine love you remember that you are not alone.

Aquamarine is said to reduce fear and stress, and dissolve self-doubt. It helps you to fully accept who you are and to honor all parts of yourself. It reminds you to open your heart and treat yourself with kindness.

Aragonite helps to shift being angry to being calm. It is thought to help you release anger, learn how to manage it, and let go of it.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone that helps to clear negative thoughts and patterns and promote a positive attitude to life. It is also thought to protect you and your home from negative and unwanted energy.

Blue Lace Agate is believed to be one of the best crystals for anxiety and stress. Its beautiful blue color emits calming and soothing vibrations that bring peace of mind to help you relax.

Citrine is a crystal that is believed to bring a little sunshine into your life. It is thought to work at raising your vibration and bring you closer to light and happy energy.

Fluorite is sometimes called the crystal of positivity. It is believed to help relieve anxiety and stress, and to calm your body, mind, and spirit. It is thought to inspire mental clarity, harmony, and peace.

Hematite can help shift feelings of frustration to satisfaction.

Lemurian is thought to help stabilize a chaotic mind and ground you when you find yourself worrying too much.

Lepidolite. It is thought to be good for mental health and healing. It has a gentle, peaceful energy that is thought to relieve anxiety, nervousness, worry, and depression.

Ocean Jasper has nurturing energy that reminds you to take care of yourself. Often when you are anxious or overwhelmed, your well-being and self-care go out the window. Ocean Jasper helps guide you to reprioritize your life so you can make sure your own needs are met.

Rose Quartz is a stone of love and support that helps you tap into the energy of love, one of the highest frequencies. The soft and gentle yet powerful energy of this stone helps to elevate your energy and shift from a state of anxiety to a state of love and light.

Selenite helps to purify your mind so you can see the situation. It allows you to return to a calmer state of mind when you are feeling anxious or stressed.

Shungite is believed to help relieve anxiety and also insomnia. It is thought to help to detoxify and purify your body and energy field, getting rid of negative energies and feelings such as anxiety and stress.

Smoky Quartz is a highly grounding and clearing crystal that helps to improve your tolerance of stress. It is thought to instill a sense of safety and protection.

Unakite. This stone helps to bring awareness to the things you have to be grateful for big or small.