Crystals for Dream Interpretation

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Dream interpretation started in ancient times as the imaginative, unconscious state and the symbolisms therein have fascinated humankind for as long as we have been able to dream. In later times, Aristotle believed that dreams were a psychological phenomena, the life of one’s soul while asleep. However, even though we view dreams as a way to interpret our personal experiences and the happenings of the mind, they weren’t always seen as a way to interpret the self. In ancient times, the Babylonians and Egyptians especially believed that dreams were prophetic and held sacred messages from the heavens, which they would then extensively record in detail in order to analyze them further. Some cultures would even use a method called “incubation” where the person would isolate themselves to sleep in a sacred place and await divinely-inspired messages through their dreams. These dreams would then be interpreted by intelligent high-ranking members of society who held positions in the church or medicine. From these origins, the first dream books were discovered as relics left behind, listing common symbols and their meanings. 

One of the oldest literary works known to us today, The Epic of Gilgamesh, details a cruel King’s punishment by the gods at the plea of his suffering subjects. In this tale, the Gods create a man who goes on to be a close and cherished friend of the King, then strike him down with an illness and leave Gilgamesh to suffer the loss forever. Throughout the story, he experiences a variety of intense dreams which he takes to his friends and mother for interpretation. Often, they act as a preview of what’s to come and at other times, they bear no significance whatsoever – still relatable today. 

Whether or not you’re superstitious about your dreams, they undoubtedly are a phenomenon to behold in wonder. As you’re looking for books and information that can help you further your knowledge on what happens in the subconscious, there are also some crystals that can aid your quest. Here are some crystals for dream interpretation. 

Amethyst is best known for its ability to soothe the mind, but aside from helping you fall asleep more easily, it also opens the third eye chakra to boost intuition. It’s believed that meditating with amethyst can help you find the answers you seek, even when they seem to evade. Amethyst inspires the imagination and creativity to help you interpret your dreams whenever you feel like they hold a special significance. 

Black Obsidian has been used since antiquity by many civilizations for the purpose of protection and even divination. The Mayans would often use obsidian for scrying (looking into a reflective surface for clues to the future or an answer to a question); they would do this using two methods – one by which they would gaze into the dark reflective surface of obsidian, and another by which they would pour water on the surface of the crystal to reveal hidden images that would then be interpreted as messages. Of course, you don’t have to utilize these methods, but simply meditating with black obsidian can reveal the answers which you seek. 

Angelite carries soothing energies that clear the mind to promote deep restful sleep and relaxation. Also known as the “stone of awareness”, it is said to aid in astral travel and angelic communication. Angelite is also a great stone for dream recall as it helps to keep your mind sharp while you sleep. 

Moonstone has been treasured since the beginning of time for its etheric correspondence to the moon and its phases. It is known to ease transitions and promote new beginnings, but it can also be a great sleep aid as it relaxes and soothes the mind. It is said that keeping a moonstone by your bed or under your pillow can help with dream recall and interpretation. 

Lepidolite is a stone of the heart which encourages peace and eases transition while soothing the mind and promoting peaceful sleep. The energy carried and lent by lepidolite is associated with Alpha and Theta brain waves which are formed in the beginning stages of deep sleep. Sleeping with lepidolite will promote a peaceful night’s rest while dispelling nightmares and encouraging vivid dreams, which can be better interpreted later on. 

Sleep with these crystals for dream interpretation under your pillow, on your nightstand, or above your bed. One great way to better your understanding of dreams while learning to interpret them is to keep a dream journal, preferably somewhere close to your bed so you can write them down as soon as you wake up – dreams tend to escape fairly quickly as we know. These crystals for dream interpretation can also be incorporated into your meditation routine and practices which are dedicated to recalling and interpreting the meaning of your dreams.