Crystals For Dreams

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Dreams are stories and images that your mind creates while you sleep. They can be vivid and can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. They can seem confusing or perfectly rational.

When you slip into the realm of dreams, it is always an adventure. Some dreams can be lucid and powerful, while others can leave you feeling scared. Often dreams are just senseless stories, many of which you won’t remember or understand.

Crystals can be an effective tool for dreams to help ward off negative dreams, prevent nightmares, and replace them with sweet dreams. The following are some of the crystals you can try.

Amphibole in Quartz facilitates receiving guidance from angels and spirit guides. It is good for intuition, dreams, dream recall, lucid dreaming, and protection.

Argentinian Blue Calcite facilitates connection to the past. It promotes intuition and dreams. It is a spiritually calming stone, which connects to ancient wisdom.

Bismuth is the stone of positivity and transformation. It is good for visualization, dreams, soul retrieval, shamanic journeys, past life work, and astral travel.

Blue Quartz brings awareness, happiness, vitality, and well-being. It aids communication on all planes allowing you to express what's in your mind. It assists telepathy and tarot card readings. It gives increased insight into divination.

Celestite is good for clear thought. It is good for dreams and dream recall, meditation, astral travel, and yin/yang balance. It is linked to angels. For nightmares place underneath pillow.

Colemanite is said to illuminate the darkness. It helps you to see all sides of yourself and replace the parts that don't support you with positive energy to inspire change. It guides you through dreams to reach successful outcomes. It helps you gain focus in meditation.

Double Terminated Quartz is a crystal that can focus or release energy so it lows in both directions simultaneously, bring a state of balance. When placed underneath the pillow it enhances dreams.

Grape Chalcedony is good for spiritual development and tranquility. It promotes confidence, self-assurance, intuition, meditation, and dreams.

Green Opal is good for awareness, hypnosis, and divination. It is good for grounding, centering, relaxing, and shamanic journeying. It is good for encouraging and remembering dreams.

Indigo Gabbro helps to ground your spirituality into daily life. It promotes psychic abilities, especially communication. It is good for dreams and meditation.

Jade is good for emotional balance, confidence, and grounding. It promotes dreams and dream recall. To use place underneath the pillow.

Kyanite is good for perseverance, mental stamina, and communication. It brings calm and tranquility. It is good for yin/yang balance, dream recall and understanding, connecting with spirit guides, psychic awareness, and starting meditation.

Lapis Lazuli is sometimes called the feel better stone. It brings wisdom, vitality, mental endurance, and creative expression. It is good for relaxation, dreams, yin/yang balance, and all psychic abilities.

Larvikite enhances sleep. It is a relaxing and grounding stone. It enhances dreams and understanding and insights from dreams. It is good for the aura, astral travel, and astral projection.

Lavender Amethyst promotes dreams, intuition, inspiration, centering, coordination and free-thinking. It aids the gentle release of trapped issues.

Mookaite offers general protection and helps communication. It is good for grounding, dreams, moving forward in life, and building self-esteem.

Ruby brings balance, energy, knowledge, passion, and protection. It is good for dreams, spirit guides, astral travel, spiritual wisdom, remote viewing, meditation, and rebirth. It helps access akashic records. It is good for cleansing and focusing energy and enlightenment. Can be placed under pillow for nightmares.

Tiffany Stone helps you to find your purpose in life. It helps to promote dreams, intuition, and intellect.