Crystals for EMF Protection

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Electromagnetic Fields (or EMF) is the frequency emitted by everyday electronics such as our microwaves, computers, cellphones, etc. Although similar to the EMF waves given off by our Solar System’s Sun, these specifically are man made and with every comfort comes a price. The long term dangers surrounding these modern-day necessities range from brain tumors to psychiatric issues. If nothing else, we’re left exhausted and energetically drained with a pounding headache after a long day around these devices. Some crystals have the ability to protect the mind, body, and soul from the long and short term effects of EMF, absorbing them before they enter your energetic space. Take a look at these 6 crystals for EMF protection. 

Hematite (or the Blood Stone) is known for its protective and purification properties. It cleanses the blood stream of impurities while shielding the mind, body, and spirit from harm of all sorts. This beautifully powerful crystal blocks the effects of EMF smog and radiation while removing toxins from the body. Hematite is best worn as jewelry, but works wonders when kept in your home office or workspace.   

Black Tourmaline is perhaps one of the most protective crystals in the world, absorbing and deflecting negativity, toxins, and EMF smog. This particular crystal acts as a forcefield against all sorts of negative energy, making it the perfect talisman for day to day protection. Harness Black Tourmaline’s grounding and protective energies by adding it to your crystal collection.  

Shungite is two million years old and its protective energies have been known since antiquity to fully block anything that may compromise your overall health. It absorbs and dispels negative energy while keeping you safe from EMF smog and radiation. Shungite is made of 98% carbon, boasting a heavy density that will act as a wall of protection between yourself and anything harmful.  

Pyrite, otherwise known as fool’s gold, is a powerful protector from invasive energies that may seek to pervade the emotional and physical body. It is known to boost energy and dissipate negativity, breaking down the effects of EMF so they cannot harm you. Keep this stone in your workplace or in any area of the home where devices are often used.

Citrine is linked to the Root and Solar Plexus chakras, bringing the vibrant and happy energies of the sun which can help to heal many ailments. For any lasting or short-term effects of EMF smog and radiation, citrine helps to repair the damage. Wear this crystal as jewelry or add it to your crystal collection to keep its transmutative energies close.  

Rose Quartz is a gentle healer, cleansing and protective. Starting at the heart, it soothes emotional pain and restores love in any environment. While cleansing may remove good energy as well as bad, rose quartz instills loving and harmonious energy. It helps blood circulation to release toxins from the body. Wear it on a necklace or place it alongside your crystal collection.  

Crystals for EMF protection are most effective when worn as jewelry as this brings their shielding energy closest to the skin, blocking radiation before it even touches the body. Another way to benefit from these crystals’ protective properties is by placing them on your desk, computer, and in places where you use electronic devices most often, but exercise caution as some crystals may affect the functionality of your devices. Quartz crystals, for example, are better used as jewelry as they tend to augment the electricity running through said devices. Choose a crystal that calls to you and always remember to cleanse them often.