Crystals For Focus

Being focused on one task for a certain amount of time allows you to do better quality work in less amount of time. When you are focused your creative ideas will flow easier, it is less stressful, and you'll be happier. Focusing on one thing at a time also means that you'll get more done.

There are a few simple things you can do to help you stay focused. To start you want to get rid of any distractions and clutter. Declutter your work area, turn off notifications on your phone, and close programs and apps on your computer that aren't essential. Stay away from social media. Set a timer and work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, stand up, stretch, and breathe. Set goals for yourself each day.

When your mind is jumping from one thought to another, anxiety grows, and your ability to finish a single task lessens. Crystals can help to cleanse mental clutter, helping you to focus, and be calmer. The following are some of the crystals that can enhance focus and clarity.

Amazonite is sometimes called the feel better stone. It is a soothing and calming crystal. It enhances clarity in communication. It supports self-determination.

Apophyllite is a calming stone, good for alleviating anxiety, stress, worry, and fears.

Blue Halite clears away illusion. It helps you to see who you are, your strengths, and to release old habits that are no longer useful. It promotes awareness and intuition.

Clear Quartz is the crystal of clarity, manifestation, and illumination. It brings clarity to your ideas and helps to manifest your intentions. Meditate or hold the crystal to inspire crystal clear focus each day.

Fluorite is sometimes called the organizer stone. It is excellent for processing information so you can have more clarity. It overcomes disorganization and stress. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura.

Hematite is a grounding crystal that is especially helpful when you find yourself daydreaming and your mind wandering, it will bring you back down to Earth. Meditate with the stone to reset the mind.

Lepidolite is sometimes called the stone of stress reduction. It is a stress reducer that halts obsessive thoughts. It encourages independence and achieving goals. It takes you forward to the future to assess the results of your current actions. It focuses on what is important and filters out distractions.

Malachite strengthens the ability to process information and understand difficult processes. It enhances intuition and insight. It absorbs negativity and pollutants from the environment and the body.

Sapphire is considered the stone of wisdom. It creates serene peace of mind and aligns the mental, physical, and spiritual planes, and restores balance within the energy body.

Sodalite enhances self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-trust. It helps a disordered mind and encourages rational thought. It brings emotional balance.

Smoky Quartz is an efficient grounding and cleansing stone. It increases clarity and concentration. It teaches you to leave behind that which no longer serves you.

Tigers Eye assists in decision making and promotes clarity of intention. It helps with self-criticism and self-worth. It deflects negative energy. It releases anxiety and fear.

Zoisite is an excellent stone for transmuting negative energies into positive ones. It is good for laziness or idleness.

Use crystals for focus in addition to your mindful practices. Use in your meditation practice at the start of the day so you can approach your day trying to stay conscious of each action. These crystals can be the tools that help you establish a mindful routine. When you make crystal mindfulness a part of your everyday life, it can improve your day and benefit your entire life.