Crystals for Gemini Season

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In 2022, Gemini season begins May 20th and ends June 20th - each year, the dates may differ slightly. Because Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury (the planet responsible for communication), we may feel somewhat more excitable than normal when it comes to expressing ourselves. This can give us a nice boost in social or professional situations, but it’s also important to remember to think before you speak, especially since Mercury also goes retrograde this Gemini season and the wires of communication tend to become crossed during this time. Gemini, being a mutable sign, is flexible, adaptable, and open-minded, and all those things come into play for everyone during this time, regardless of their sun sign. Those born under the zodiac sign or with their moon or rising sign in Gemini will feel these effects more than most. This is a time of change, challenges, duality, and an opportunity to shift your life in the direction that you’ve always desired - but it can also mean that some of us will experience hardship in dealing with all the emotions attached to the shift. 

What to expect this Gemini season 

Generally, Gemini season is extremely social and presents opportunities you’d been hoping for, or perhaps even some you hadn’t even anticipated. However, this season is all about slowing down and reflecting, taking some time to look at your life and into your past in order to properly determine what the next step should be. As Mercury detours in reverse into the sign of Gemini, we can expect miscommunications, power-struggles, and a bit of confusion - or a lot, depending on the level of change you’re facing - but that doesn’t mean you won’t be having a good time. Gemini energy is all about fun, so you can expect to have that and more as long as you face it with the right mindset. The sun is also currently conjoined with Mercury, which is a great time for manifestation and magic. So set your intentions and get that energy flowing. You’ve got this! As always, crystals are here to help. Here are five crystals to help you navigate this Gemini season. 

1. Blue Lace Agate promotes cohesiveness of thought and clarifies the mind. Gemini rules the lungs and nervous system, with the sign itself being natural multitaskers. Blue lace agate removes blockages from the mind as well as the nervous system, making it an especially helpful stone for those with anxiety, or for those just generally overwhelmed by the season. It stabilizes the aura and is specifically in tune with the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. Blue lace agate diminishes repression so that we may look at ourselves and situations with clarity to get to the root of any mental disturbances. It eases self-expression in a healthy way while helping to release old patterns and habits, and balancing the emotional with the intellect. This stone is a go-to for any gemini as well as anyone experiencing difficulties during gemini season.   

2. Apophyllite enhances our natural ability for critical analysis of ourselves as well as others in any situation we may find ourselves in. It helps to clearly transmit information verbally and energetically while promoting openness and countering any negative emotional reverberations within and without. Gemini energy helps us benefit from the natural qualities of apophyllite by countering the airy and carefree nature of gemini. This stone is particularly helpful in areas where we tend to get carried away in the heat and excitement of the moment. We are responsible for the energy we bring to others as well as how we receive the energy which is brought to us by others. Apophyllite helps us to recognize and correct our inner faults in areas where it may be difficult to see such accountability as necessary, if seen at all. Harmonizing the spiritual and physical realms, this stone is a must have for anyone on their spiritual journey who might find gemini season a little challenging.

3. Celestite, like blue lace agate, helps to bring clarity to the mind and ease communication in difficult situations. The stone itself has an added touch of union in energy between the spiritual and the intellectual, helping us to make wise decisions from a place of spiritual maturity and higher knowledge. Celestite resonates with the energy of gemini season as it helps us to connect to our spirit guides and angelic team, allowing for clear communication between our mind and heart. This way, we’ll better understand ourselves and our path and take action accordingly. Celestite works on a higher level, pulling information from the spiritual realm and helping us to realize and adjust in areas which may be lacking attention and special care. For any gemini or anyone looking to navigate gemini season, celestite is here to help. 

4. Howlite is a grounding stone which brings calm and clarity to the mind of those who sometimes find it a little difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Because Gemini is spontaneous and flighty, their minds tend to be all over the place and this holds especially true for anyone under any zodiac sign during gemini season. Howlite helps to keep ourselves in check and reminds us to properly think before we speak or act. Because this gemini season also finds us in a mercury retrograde conjunct with the sun, it’s important to be careful when setting and intention as the manifestation energies of the universe are especially powerful during this time. Howlite brings a sense of calm along with the realization that things are not as bad as they seem. It helps us to take a step back and look at a situation before we choose to act, without impulsivity or desperation. Howlite makes the perfect companion for the energy of Gemini season. 

5. Tiger’s Eye, like Howlite, brings a sense of grounding and balance to the stubborn energy of gemini. Helping to see things from a new perspective, it promotes compassion for the feelings and situations of others, rather than focusing on just your own. Tiger’s eye teaches compromise where selfishness and need to be seen or heard overrules. For the adventurous energy of Gemini, it instills the courage to pursue your dreams and the strength to keep going when things become challenging. Tiger’s eye also brings good luck and success, so you can march on assured that your dreams will manifest as you envision them. Releasing self doubt and promoting confidence, this banded stone of courage will guide you on the path to making the best of Gemini season and all it has to offer.