Crystals for Libra Season

The word “libra” is Latin for scales or balance – fitting since those born under this zodiac sign (between September 23rd and October 22nd) are all about stability, harmony, and balance. Libras are daring and strong-willed, often to a fault as they tend to try to push themselves, others, and situations past their limit. They’re often misunderstood because their intense sense of ambition often translates to being unreasonable, or illogical. However, they make faithful partners because of how much they value companionship. As natural aesthetes, they often think about how something will look and map everything out in their mind before moving forward with an idea. Libra season reverberates these traits throughout and across all zodiac signs, which is why we often feel frustrated at our own seeming lack of cooperation during this time. Luckily, there are many ways we can prepare for Libra so that we can avoid the frustration of trying to be perfect and make the most out of the cosmic energy circulating at this time. 

Grounding yourself is very important during Libra season, as aspirations and inspirations tend to lead to flighty behavior. There’s nothing wrong with getting carried away in the passion and inspiration of the moment, but it’s also important to remember not to bite off more than you can fit in your mouth. Because Libra season is all about trying to balance and beautify things, it’s easy for the scales to tip a bit – be sure to acknowledge and respect your limits. Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Hematite,  and Tiger’s Eye are all great choices as these are crystals that block negativity and relate to the root chakra, reminding you of what’s important and of where you are in the present moment. 

How can healing crystals help us through the Libra season? 

As with most of the challenges we face, healing crystals can offer many benefits on a variety of levels and in all aspects of life. The key is finding out exactly where we require balance and in turn finding the proper crystals to even us out. Because Libra season brings ambition, excitement, change, and passion, everyone would do well to have the right spiritual tools – regardless of their zodiac sign.

If your goal is to manifest, you can expect the best results when you plan out your journey instead of jumping headfirst into something you’re not prepared for. Spend some time with crystals like Pyrite which is great for grounding AND manifesting – not to mention it’s a lucky stone that attracts wealth and abundance. Another great manifesting stone is Labradorite, the master transformer and protector that helps you harness your inner power. Rutile Quartz is a crystal that speaks to the soul and just screams manifestation; it helps you to step into your own power and realize your dreams more efficiently. 

Balance during Libra season may seem like something that should come naturally, but it may and it may not, depending on your level of readiness. Some crystals that can help are Rose Quartz, as it brings harmony, balance, and love throughout all areas of your life. Green Jade is another lucky stone that promotes success, harmony, and love in your endeavors as well as in your relationships. And lastly of course, Clear Quartz, as the master healer, will bring balance and alignment not only to your chakra system, but also to your mind, spirit, body, and in turn, to your life as a whole. 

How can we incorporate healing crystals during Libra season?

Not only is it spiritually and physically beneficial to incorporate healing crystals into your daily life on a regular day, but it’s also really simple. Carrying any of these crystals on your person will help to keep their energies inside your auric field. You may also go a step further and try meditation with your crystals – this will allow you to clear your mind and focus on your intentions. Creating crystal grids is another magical way to harness the powers and energies of crystals – look out for our other articles regarding crystal grids. Feng Shui is the Japanese art of arranging items in your home to allow for the healthy flow of energy throughout. A Bagua map is used to point out what aspects of daily life are associated with what areas of the home. Because Libra season is all about ambition, harmony, and stability, you may place these crystals in the center of the home, the area responsible for overall health.