Crystals For Luck

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Everyone can use a little luck now and again. People who believe in good luck tend to be more optimistic, have better moods, and are more satisfied with their lives. People who believe they are unlucky often experience more anxiety and are less likely to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Using crystals for good luck and as part of your affirmations and meditation are especially helpful and make great good luck charms. Crystals carry energy, and luck is often a part of the energy of many stones, which makes them the ideal lucky charm.

Crystals for luck are a must-have for every crystal healing collection. When you incorporate them into your daily routine, you’ll be amazed at how the subtle yet powerful vibrations of crystals for luck can transform your life. When you use crystals for luck to set an intention, you can program them with your deepest desires and wishes.

A crystal for luck is a powerful energy amplifier, so when you program your crystal with a positive intention, it works by enhancing those thoughts that you put out into the universe. Remember, just because you can’t see the energy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. To discover which crystal is best for you, hold them in your hands and decide which ones feel good. The following are some of the crystals you can try.

Agate is a crystal that everyone should carry with them at all times for grounding and protection. It was used in ancient times to ensure bountiful crops.

Amazonite is sometimes called the lucky hope stone, as it is said to be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. It brings clarity and truth to your intention, empowering and motivating you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Aventurine is sometimes called the stone of opportunity. It is a very positive stone. It is one of the best crystals for abundance, good luck, and wealth. It stabilizes one's state of mind, so you can recognize alternatives and possibilities.

Bloodstone is good for creativity, courage, and vitality. It is sometimes called the stone of endurance, and Ancient gladiators often carried the stone when fighting as talismans for protection and luck.

Carnelian brings confidence and awakens hidden talents. It is a great stone to wear or carry with you on auditions and interviews.

Citrine is sometimes called the lucky merchants stone. It is helpful for abundance, prosperity, and money. If your business has a cash box or cash drawer you can place a piece of Citrine there and experience the results.

Garnet is a powerful gemstone for career success, encouraging business relationships and stimulating other people’s desire to work with you. Carry with you when you are looking for an advance in your career.

Jade has long been associated with attracting prosperity and good luck. It is believed to attract friendship.

Malachite is said to protect you from misfortune, as well as undesirable business associations, and can be used to bring business success.

Red Jasper is thought to be a particularly lucky stone for actors and actresses because it helps to bring about creative ideas.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It can help to attract love or luck in relationships of any kind, or marriage. It helps to open your Heart Chakra. It also promotes self-love which is essential before love is accepted by others.

Sunstone is a joyful, light inspiring stone. It is thought to bring luck and good fortune.

Tourmalinated Quartz is a very lucky stone because it carries the luck energy of both Tourmaline and Quartz Crystal. It clears away negativity and removes all energy blockages to infuse your life with luck.