Crystals For New Beginnings

Setting an intention for a new beginning forces you to get clear on a goal you have for yourself. Instead of daydreaming, intentions can help make dreams a reality. Using crystals to set an intention aligns your crystal with the energy of your intention. That way, the crystal you use continues to be a visual and energetic reminder of what you hope to accomplish. When you feel yourself slipping back into old habits, you can connect with your crystal to get back on track.

Maybe you are starting something new, such as a job or you've recently moved. New beginnings can be exciting but they can also make you nervous. To create change and develop new habits, you can use crystals that will help you maintain the confidence, courage, and determination that you need to follow through with your intentions. Having a crystal for new beginnings on hand will give you the motivation you need. The following are some of the crystals for new beginnings you can try.

Agate is a grounding and stabilizing stone that provides a sense of safety and security. It is soothing and calming and brings balance on all levels. It gives you the confidence to accept change and the courage to make a move.

Amazonite opens intuition and grounds it in everyday reality. It is soothing and calming, promoting confidence and excitement when you are starting a new chapter in life. It helps with anxiety and stress.

Black Moonstone opens the way for new beginnings and adventures in your life. It calms emotions and emotional stress.

Calcite is a purifying stone that speeds up development and growth. It is considered the stone of new beginnings. It purifies and harmonizes the Chakras.

Chrysocolla is a stone of new beginnings. It is beneficial for creativity, confidence, motivation, letting go, and self-awareness. It helps you accept with serenity situations that are constantly changing.

Diamond is a symbol of purity. It is an amplifier of energy. It imparts fearlessness and invincibility. It is a creative stone that stimulates imagination and inventiveness. It brings clarity and brings about new beginnings.

Flower Agate looks like the blooms from a cherry blossom tree, encouraging you to blossom to your fullest potential. It is a stone of new beginnings, transformation, and growth that will carry you through change and new beginnings.

Golden Healer Quartz eases energy shifts and helps you to stay true to yourself. It is good for lifestyle changes. It balances yin/yang energy and opens your eyes to new possibilities.

Hiddenite crystal supports new beginnings and accepting comfort and support from other people and the universe. It encourages growth and evolution.

Ocean Jasper is a stone of renewal and strength. It assists in coping with change and helps you to face the future with confidence. It instills patience and positivity. It reminds you that everything is fluid and cyclical.

Rainbow Moonstone to release worries or doubts that are holding you back, and create a new beginning. Let the calm, cleansing energy of Rainbow Moonstone wash through your spirit, and nourish you with its comforting encouragement.

There are several ways to use your crystals for new beginnings from wearing them, to holding them, setting intentions, and using them for mediation. Whichever way you choose your crystals will help to keep you in sync with your intention all day long. No matter what distractions arise throughout the day, you can look at your crystal as a gentle reminder of what you are working toward. This reminds you to keep your intention in mind, and constantly look for small ways to improve your life.