Crystals For Pets! How To Empower Your Pets Well Being

Pet lovers will try just about anything to make sure their pets are happy and healthy. Some people feed their dogs a super healthy diet with no grains and only raw meat and vegetables while others take their dogs and cats to a groomer to get them groomed regularly.

If you are into crystals you can incorporate them into your pet's life too. Chances are if you already have crystals they are most likely placed throughout your home, so your pet is already benefiting from their energy. You can also choose crystals that will help your animals with any issues they are facing.

You do however have to be very careful when using crystals with pets. You want to make sure they are not too small, so your pet doesn't accidentally think it's a treat and swallow it. You should always handle the crystals and not allow your dog to take them in their mouth as it would a toy or a stick. You can get your pet a collar with crystals on it, or a crystal pendant to attach to the collar. You can hold the crystal as you're petting them or place it on their body if they allow you to. This will help transfer the energy and good intentions to your pet.

If you have a fish, you can place large crystals in their tank or even smaller ones in with the rocks at the bottom of the tank. This will infuse the water with the energy of the crystals, making sure they are happy and relaxed. As for birds, you can always put the crystals around their cage or hang them overtop of the cage. You could even make a crystal grid underneath the cage if you wanted to. The following are just some of the crystals you can try.

Agate. Crystals that are great for pets include all Agates because they have a soothing and grounding energy.

Amethyst. This stone has relaxing energy for dogs or cats that are a little wild and active. It will also help your pets with anxiety they might feel when traveling or when left at home alone.

Rose Quartz. This crystal gives love and attention energy to your pets.

Black Obsidian. This crystal is good for outdoor pets to help draw away any negative energy they may have encountered while they were out and about like fights with other animals.

Blue Calcite. This is helpful for pets who are recovering from surgery or illness.

Citrine. This crystal promotes joy and happiness with nice warm energy.

Choose which crystal might be best for your pet and enjoy the experience of helping your pet with crystals.