Crystals for Prosperity

Doesn’t it seem like we’re all just constantly chasing money? It’s gone before we even get it and most of the time it never seems to be enough. Regardless, it’s a necessity that we can only get if we put in the work. Crystals won’t magically make money appear in your bank account, but they will lend a helping hand if you do your part. Here are 5 crystals for prosperity to help you get that bag. 

Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold, and for good reason. This powerful manifestation stone lends the ability to create your own reality, whatever that may be. Its energies keep us motivated and determined, giving us the willpower and discipline necessary to trudge forward and accomplish our goals. Holding a piece of pyrite in your hands and saying out loud what it is that you wish to manifest is quite a powerful way of using this stone. This allows you to speak prosperity into existence. It’s also advisable to keep a piece in your purse or wallet. 

Green Jade has been known for its properties of good luck and abundance since ancient times. Not only does it bring harmony and love into the home, but it also presents you with new opportunities and opens doors that would have otherwise remained closed. Green jade transmutes negative energies into positive vibrations, filling you with hope and optimism for the future as it becomes manifest. If what you’re seeking is wealth and prosperity, give this crystal a chance. 

Green Aventurine is the stone of adventure and opportunities that provides the strength, courage, and confidence needed to take to those great leaps. It pushes us to step outside of our comfort zone, encouraging risk-taking and spiritual growth. Since the beginning of time, this crystal has been used to manifest good luck and abundance. As you would with any other healing crystal, hold a piece of green aventurine in your hands and visualize good things happening in your life. You can also keep it in your pockets on days when you need a little extra luck. 

Tiger’s Eye is best known for its chatoyance and properties of courage and abundance. It opens, aligns and activates the Solar Plexus chakra to enhance personal willpower and confidence in everyday life. It brings stability to the mind and the emotional body, allowing you to access and channel your inner strength so you can realize your dreams and ambitions. When incorporating Tiger’s Eye into your spiritual practice, you’ll notice opportunities, possibilities, and new beginnings meeting you at every turn, bringing wealth and prosperity almost immediately. 

Citrine masters our creativity center which holds our strongest powers of manifestation. As it brings feelings of harmony and raises your vibration, it also amplifies your intentions, helping you to manifest wealth, abundance, and prosperity ten times faster and ten times more easily. Holding on to this stone each day and whispering your goals and desires will infinitely multiply the energies of the stone itself as well as your own ability to make them a reality. The universe is on your side when you have a citrine in hand.  

These crystals for prosperity can be incorporated into your meditation routine as you visualize wealth and abundance coming your way. They can also be used in prosperity pouches, rituals, and laid in intention candles for wealth and prosperity. Keep them in your workspace, cash register, pocket or purse. However you choose to use them, always remember that cleansing is important. Good luck and may you be significantly wealthy before you die!