Crystals For Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth differs from person to person. Some consider spirituality to mean connecting to the higher realms such as the angel and spirit guides, while others consider spirituality to be about personal growth. Whatever spiritual growth means to you, when you stay on the right path, energy flows, life moves forward, and you feel healthy and happy. When you stray from your spiritual path, energy stagnates, and you might find yourself feeling stressed and tense.

Crystals help to channel energy. They can help you focus, store, and transmit energy that can be used for energizing effects. They can speed up spiritual development or awakening. Choose crystals that you feel drawn to, and they will help to accelerate your spiritual growth exponentially. The following are some of the crystals you can use to aid in your spiritual growth and journey.

Amethyst. Sometimes called the dream stone, the crystal of creativity, or the crystal of spiritual enlightenment. It allows you to tap into your intuition from a calm state of mind. When you tune into your intuition you can listen to the signals from your higher consciousness to help guide you towards your spiritual journey.

Angel Aura Quartz. This crystal has an iridescence that shines like the wings of angels. It is thought to be the crystal of hope and optimism. It is believed to help you communicate with angels, spirit guides, and other teachers. It is thought to encourage loving communication.

Angelite. It is believed that this crystal can enhance your connection with angels or the divine realm. It infuses your spirit with positivity and serenity, heightening your awareness that angels are all around you. It reminds you that there are love and support outside of yourself.

Blue Barite. It helps you to find your path and discover your life purpose. It is said to help connect you to beings in the higher realms.

Charoite. This stone helps you to bring your spiritual experiences into your daily life and physical life. It is thought to be good for intuition, seeing opportunities, and moving forward. It is good for meditation and clairvoyance.

Cobaltoan Calcite. This crystal helps to bring direction into your life. It helps you to see the beauty in everyone and everything. It helps you to discover your inner truth and life purpose.

Labradorite. This crystal is thought to raise consciousness and connect with universal energies. It opens intuition and strengthens trust in yourself and the universe.

Manifestation Quartz. This crystal helps guide you towards your true path in life. It boosts connection with your inner self and the master within you. It can benefit the body, mind, and spirit.

Pink Opal. This crystal is great to work with at the start of your spiritual journey. It promotes an awakening within you. It is good for spiritual awareness.

Sheen Obsidian. It eliminates energy blockages and is good to work with if you feel delayed on your spiritual path. It helps with forgiveness, grief, and negativity, and to shed tears, especially repressed tears.