Crystals, Rings, and Where You Should Wear Them

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Wearing jewelry is something casual for most people; we tend not to think about these things much more than the fact that it looks and feels great. Yet some will tell you that there is very much a significance to the jewelry you wear and where you wear them, especially when it comes to rings. If you’re at all familiar with palmistry, you’ll know that each part of the hand is different to the next, and likewise so are each of the fingers on the left hand versus the right hand – the left hand receives energy while the right hand gives energy. The most commonly known ring finger is the one married couples wear. It symbolizes love, union, loyalty and some have even said there’s a vein that runs through the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. But what about the other four fingers? Here’s everything you need to know about crystals in rings and where you should wear them. 

Pinky Finger

If TV and movies have taught us anything about jewelry, it’s that pinky rings are for mafia bosses and pimps. Jewelry enthusiasts will say wearing a ring on this finger represents sophistication or a certain type of eccentricity, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The pinky finger corresponds to the planet Mercury, the planet of communication as he is known as the Messenger of the Gods. Mercury is said to stand for intelligence, creativity, intuition, and persuasion. Creative people tend to exude all these qualities, which is why you’ll often find that a lot of artists wear a ring on this finger. The pinky ring also represents strength. Here are some crystals you should wear on this finger given their attributes. 

  • Amethyst protects and aligns the chakras while promoting intuition.
  • Citrine energizes the solar plexus chakra (willpower) while stimulating the imagination.  
  • Moonstone nurtures and soothes while opening doors of new opportunities. 

Ring Finger 

Ring fingers correspond to love and relationships, but can also represent creativity and beauty. It is a symbol of commitment and promise, and while people often wear their wedding band on the left hand, in some countries it’s common to wear it on the right hand. Single persons will often wear a ring on this finger to symbolize celibacy or their commitment to themselves. Wearing a crystal on this finger can also help to form a deeper connection to other people. The ring finger corresponds to the Sun, bringing energy, health and sexuality. Try these crystals to enhance their attributes in your life. 

  • Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra to bring strength and self love, while enhancing your empathic energy and compassion towards others. 
  • Amethyst calms the mind and helps us find inner truth to better connect with ourselves and grow spiritually. 
  • Clear Quartz purifies energy and stimulates the chakras to promote a healthy flow throughout the body and auric field. 

Middle Finger 

The middle finger gives off femenine energy and is represented by the planet Saturn, the great teacher who is responsible for discernment, commitment, and motivation. This finger symbolizes balance and justice, and wearing a ring on this finger symbolizes power. Middle finger rings will strengthen your resolve when it comes to the spiritual journey, while reminding you to remain open and receptive. It also promotes confidence and speaking the truth. The best crystals to wear on this finger are listed below. 

  • Garnet promotes passion, romance, creativity and instills self-confidence. 
  • Moonstone opens your path to new opportunities while comforting you through transitory periods. 
  • Clear Quartz will bring a boost of energy to remind you what you are capable of. 

Index Finger 

The index finger corresponds to the planet Jupiter, responsible for expansion, knowledge, and wisdom. It is also representative of masculine energy, providing the strength and courage to get through life’s obstacles. Wearing crystals on the index finger will also improve focus and concentration as well as leadership and authority. Depending on your perspective, this finger also represents ego and spirituality (a little bit ironic). Here are some of the best crystals to wear on the index finger. 

  • Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone of wisdom which often represents responsible power over oneself. It can boost intuition and heighten the intellect. 
  • Emerald is a precious stone which is representative of free flowing energy, compassion and healing. It is also a stone of manifestation.   
  • Peridot is associated with the sun, making it a powerful cleanser. It transmutes negative energy to positive energy and strengthens willpower. 


The thumb is represented by Mars, symbolizing determination, strength, and resilience of the self. It also represents freedom and willpower, and wearing a ring on this finger can demonstrate the presence of a free spirit. If you feel tied down, wearing crystals on your thumb can liberate you, not only from a mental prison, but also from the expectations of others. Because it governs physical energy, thumb rings can also help to absorb the energy you wish to exude. Try these crystals as thumb rings. 

  • Moonstone has the incredible ability to transform negative energy into positive energy which is great when trying to overcome restrictive feelings.
  • Red Jasper screams energy of the sacral chakra, representing the very core of our being. It brings stamina, balance, courage, and inner strength.  
  • Carnelian is a lucky stone of confidence, strength, and passion. It allows you to tap into your creativity and spontaneity while staying motivated.