Crystals That Bring Love Into Your Life

Many crystals, if not all, carry a loving and nurturing energy that you can feel when you hold or touch the stone. But some hold a significant love vibration that could help in bringing more love into your life. Usually, any stone associated with the Heart Chakra can be good for attracting more love into your life. Whether that's self-love, romantic love, or love in friendships. The following are some of the crystals you can try to bring more love into your life.

Rose Quartz. This stone has a nurturing vibration that helps to soften and calm the heart and soul. It helps you to open your heart to receive love and reminds you how worthy you are of unconditional love. Keep this stone with you or on your bedside table to remind yourself to love yourself unconditionally and to welcome love in and send love out into the world.

Rhodochrosite. It carries very loving energy. The stone helps you to accept all aspects of your personality so that you can truly love yourself as a whole being. That way, you'll attract those who will love you for who you are and will celebrate the unique individual you are.

Malachite. It's a stone that helps clear out painful heartache making the way for new love. You can place this stone on your heart while meditating and use it when processing emotions. You can also sleep with it under your pillow or wear it as a pendant over your heart.

Rhodonite. Known as the stone of forgiveness. It can help you when you are ready to explore the idea of forgiving those who have hurt you in the past. Sometimes forgiveness is not so much about the other person but about releasing yourself from the pain of the past. It also teaches you that forgiveness comes in time, so if you're not ready to forgive yet, know that you are still worthy of love.

Green Aventurine. It is called the stone of love and luck, and it's very connected to the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra too. So it combines love and truth helping you find love that is going to be best for your soul's evolution. It's also said to help you increase your confidence levels and bring in good luck.

Apache Tears. It helps relieve grief and sadness, so you can move on from past loves that didn't go as planned or expected.

Citrine. It brings joy into your heart and mind to help you have a fresh take on life so you can find love.