Crystals That Connect With Angelic Realms And Ethereal Planes

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When you invite angels into your space, their spirit helps to raise the vibrations in the room and lift your energy. Angels can help to provide you with guidance directing you on your journey to reach your highest potential. When angels surround you, you are in the presence of unconditional love which can help to diminish feelings of discontent and loneliness. Crystals can be used to help connect with your angels, as they are always waiting patiently by your side.

Angels are surrounding you every step of the way. When you are ready to call upon your angels, you can use crystals to help connect you with them. Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Celestite, and Petalite all carry angelic properties that make them excellent gateways to the spiritual world.

Crystals can be used to set intentions with the added support provided by your angels, or used as a direct line between you and your guardian spirit. Even though your angels remain at a distance, they are all around you ready to spread their light and love when you are ready. First, you need to invite them into your heart, and then they can lift your spirits. The following are crystals you might choose to help foster the relationship between you and your guardian angels to promote a harmonious environment filled with love and strength.

Angelite. This gentle crystal is similar to the kindhearted spirit of your guardian angel. It comforts grief and helps anger. It improves communication with spirits and helps to connect to your angels, guardians, and totem animals. It is good for balance, astral travel, telepathy, rebirthing, psychic and spiritual healing. It improves communication on all levels.

Angel Phantom Quartz. It brings access to angels and the angelic realms. It is good for aura protection, empathy, and karma. It nurtures the connection you share with your divine protector. Use to connect with angels or a specific angel, whether it is an angel of courage, love, courage, or strength, to gain spiritual insight into your present situation. This crystal brings harmony, love, nurture, and peace.

Celestite. Celestite is a stone that is used for bridging the gap between you and the spiritual world. The crystal’s beautiful blue tone gives a deep sense of peace and instills a feeling of happiness within you. It has protective energy that strengthens an angel’s shielding love, which is used to surround you and keep you safe. It provides an external source of harmony and tranquillity and harmony into your space.

Petalite. This crystal enhances your connection to the angelic realms. It brings peace of mind and spiritual connection to angels, spirit guides, and totem animals. It is good for the aura, meditation, psychic abilities, shamanic vision, and yin/yang balance.