Crystals To Help With Grief

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Some people remain affected for an extended period by grief. They may keep it as private as they can for fear of being stigmatized. Sometimes they feel that the general society does not openly acknowledge this suffering, causing them to become more isolated in the discomfort generated by the terrible loss.

For this reason, there are many programs and training that are currently being developed to help in these cases. These are being incorporated into hospital and health contexts. One of these changes aims to get more psychological support in situations such as these.

Losing a loved one is a terrible shock. No matter the circumstances. Any process that leads to death may show warnings, but the moment of death itself changes everything to those around the loved one. A barrier is crossed, which the mind has trouble processing.

This can lead to significant anxiety and even feelings of guilt. This situation can generate post-traumatic stress. The lack of emotional support or understanding can also be very damaging for those who may feel that their pain is not understood by their immediate social circle. Managing the impact of the loss has caused can be challenging for a lot of people.

When this pain seriously interferes with the ability to carry on with daily life, it is advisable to seek professional psychological help specialized in grief and acute stress from loss. In these cases, they seek to find expression for the feelings experienced, learn to manage anxiety, and handle cognitive strategies for recovery. 

It is common to create a physical and psychological space to remember who passed on to continue a relationship. Sharing one’s feelings and knowing that we are not alone is very important to accept the loss and achieve acceptance and future psychological and emotional stability.

Emotion and Pain

Death is one of the most difficult emotional states to overcome and deal with. Although all human beings at some point in life have experienced this pain, it becomes a considerable challenge when there is no acceptance involved. To evolve or transform this feeling, we need to look at this process from a standpoint that includes deeper aspects of the self.

In moments of intense pain, we may indeed approach any therapy and do anything to find some relief. But to do this in a way that will be truly beneficial, we need to understand what we are doing. The crystals to help with grief are a tool that can greatly improve how we feel. We need to apply them in the best possible context to reap the benefits.


Energetic Bodies

When we mention the deeper aspects of the self, and when we think of our identity, it is very healthy to consider that we are not our thoughts or ideas about ourselves. We are much more than that. Our awareness is complex, and it does not reach in its normal state realms of consciousness that are indeed ours. In order to have a more complete picture of who we are, we should begin by including our subtle bodies.


Unseen Bodies

The world is full of energies, and we find them everywhere. This includes every human being from the moment of birth. These energies can result in positive or negative action for the body and other energies. For a person to be healthy, there has to be harmony. We reach a state of balance through nature and the action of positive energies.

When we think of a disease or anything bothering us, we need to realize the part that our lifestyle plays in that ailment. We are not only referring to the quality of our food and the amount of time we sleep. A lifestyle is healthy if our thoughts are aligned with ourselves, with our nature, with our actual needs, and do not become sources of worry and pain.

There are many bodies. In different traditions, we find variations in how many bodies a person has. This is primarily because of different conceptions. Each of the subtle bodies is a set of energies that exist and act within higher realms of awareness. 

These higher realms can be thought of as dimensions, though the word may not be accurate.

The energies that constitute those subtle bodies circulate and maintain the life in our physical body, which in itself feeds and receives power from our subtle bodies. A constant feedback loop between them also includes the outside (food, energies, light, etc.). 

A similar situation described the complexity of our thoughts. Thinking is a creative process because ideas can be turned into realities by our actions. Still, they also act in our unconscious mind. We affect the subtle bodies through our minds, so they are within reach of the quality of our thinking.

We can just think of the many bodies as one unified system. Still, we will often use different concepts that make us think of various bodies without there being a real division: Energetic body, mental body, emotional body, physical body.

From this standpoint, we can act in a manner that affects the physical body through means that may appear magical, but they are simply energetic. 

W can use, for example, crystals to help with grief or lose weight or keep our energetic body safe. We should think of energy in practical terms and use strategies we can sustain over time to get good results.

Emotions are important because they direct energy in a way comparable to thoughts. Our emotions speak to our inner bodies and direct energy flow in a healthy or unhealthy way.

For example, the emotional part of diabetes is love; we have unleashed many episodes of heartbreak and lack of affection that finally acted on our body. A lack of self-esteem, on the other hand, can bring trouble to the colon.

When they are negative, it drags us down; it does not flow. When a family becomes toxic, this toxicity is absorbed by everyone, and this includes children. There is a conflict, and that generates bad energies, which affects the entire family nucleus. A solution is to look for the emotions affecting people and treating each person involved to heal the whole process and bring the family back to health.

Therapies will always be according to how each person lives because what affects you does not affect other people in the same way. Grief must be dealt with emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Yoga can be used to treat the physical aspects of grief and meditation to help clear the mind. The need for other therapies depends on the person. Usually, approaching the same issue from its many sides can speed up the recovery, and using crystals to help with grief can also help you find harmony spontaneously.

Which Crystals To Use

Since ancient times, crystals have been given healing, relaxing, soothing, and energetic properties, so they have the ability to treat specific issues and directly benefit your health.

Blue agate

It is known as the stone of calm. It is ideal for having clear communication with others and expressing yourself as calmly as possible. It can help deal with the fear of death, which may be triggered by the passing of someone we care about. It corresponds to the third eye chakra and may help abandon repetitive or obsessive thinking.


It is one of the crystals best known for its calming and protective power. It removes negativity from the body and raises positive vibrations. In the same way, it is linked to the third eye chakra, so it is ideal for carrying it with you always. It balances the mind and brings inner peace.

Pink quartz

This quartz is also called the stone of love. It fosters love energy and activates the chakra that corresponds with your heart. It is excellent for calming and reassuring in times of crisis and stress and healing unexpressed emotions.

White quartz

It is a great idea to use these crystals to help with grief because even when it does not act in our emotions, it will help clear the mind. It can be used in combination with any of the crystals mentioned before. You can also use it at the entrance of your home to improve energy and cleanse unhealthy emotions, in your room to help you rest and relax your mind, or in your workplace to enhance concentration in difficult times.

Smokey Quartz

This stone helps to establish honesty, tolerance, generosity, common sense, and clarity of mind. It is associated with the throat and the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Its action on the throat may help express more calmy those feelings that are better mentioned than hidden. During grief, heightened intensity moments can appear as anger in our hearts and lead to poor communication. White quartz can help our understanding of our moods so we can keep our dialogue healthy for ourselves and others.


Use celestine to give you a great sense of loyalty towards your personal fulfillment, orienting it to the soul’s plan. It may be instrumental at the right time: when you start to accept your new reality.

It will calm your mind by managing off-center emotions that lead to physical stress. It helps to acquire the personal security, calm, and tranquility necessary to act. Especially suitable for dependent people, those who need the opinion and approval of others because they do not trust their own judgment.


If we talk about rigidity, then Blue Kyanite enters so that you stop resisting situations that change.

Because sometimes is not about pushing through the pain; it is about not fighting and letting go.

If it is difficult for you to be flexible even with yourself, or pain is freezing your life, this is the energy you need right now.

Its energy directly summons the blue ray of knowledge, emitting a powerful blue vibration that comforts the soul, filling it with compassion, peace, acceptance, and reconciliation with the past. When you feel that you have difficulties expressing yourself, your body manifests resistance with physical symptoms. If you are willing to work emotionally and abandon those old ingrained and limiting schemes, it is your crystal companion.


If you are overwhelmed by grief with a disoriented mind and emotions tend to be stimulated by being discouraged, then turquoise is your gem. It gives you a more optimistic look at the future, so you can choose and live it with more joy. So as not to get carried away by external discouragement or pessimism. It invites you to stop, rest, and listen to yourself. Then decide what to do. It will give you the headspace to desire peace, even before you are ready to abide in it. It is an integral part of the process. Sometimes we cannot hurry things, but the desire to carry on is what takes us to the next stage.


Any of the techniques that involve the energy body can be better applied with crystals. It is up to us to choose the one that is right for us and realize the energy we want to add to our lives at this moment. Western medicine and therapies can also be enhanced and humanized by keeping an alternative treatment for ourselves. We may choose it consciously and keep us from giving out our personal power in a way that may impair our harmony. Harmony is healthy in whatever situation we find ourselves in.