I Love Crystal Wire Wrapping, You Will Too! Here Is How To Get Started

One way to wear your crystals is to make a crystal pendant out of them. You can do this with pretty much any stone, but it works best if the stone has a hole drilled through it first so that the wire can be secured. You can try to make a pendant out of a stone with no hole in it, but it might fall out of the wire wrap. Finding crystals with holes drilled in them is easy, especially if you are shopping online. Just look for crystal beads in the type of crystal you prefer. Some crystals you can try include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and Lapis Lazuli. The only stones that aren't going to be good to use for this DIY idea are ones that are quite fragile like a Desert Rose stone.

You can make the pendant using any color of wire depending on the style of jewelry you wear most often. You can get this 24 gauge wire at any crafting or jewelry supply store. All you'll need for this DIY are some needle nose pliers, jewelry crafting wire, and wire cutters. Then you can get started on making your very own wire-wrapped crystal pendant.

1. First, cut a piece of wire to about 1 foot long using the wire cutters. You can also add another 6 inches on the end if you're not sure how much you'll need. If you plan on doing an intricate design with lots of twists curves, use more wire.

2. Next, wrap one end of the wire around the end of the needle-nose plier about 3 times making a spiral. When your spiral is the size you like, you can then add your stone.

3. Add the stone by feeding the wire through the hole in the crystal so that the spiral sits against one end of the hole. If your crystal doesn't have a hole, you can place the spiral on one side of the crystal that's flat.

4. Then, hold the spiral in place and begin wrapping the wire around the crystal in a spiral formation around the bottom of the crystal to create a place for the crystal to sit in. Usually, about three turns are enough.

5. Then angle the wire up to the top of the crystal to create the same thing up there spiraling the wire around about 3 times or whatever works or looks best.

6. Once the wire has reached the top of the crystal bend it, so it's sticking straight up, and then use your pliers to create a nice loop at the top for your chain or necklace cord to go through. Just use the larger part of your pliers to wrap the wire around a couple of times to create a nice, secure loop. Then cut the wire using the wire cutters and you're all finished.

Now you have a beautiful crystal pendant that you can wear on a chain or cord or even gift to someone as a nice, handmade gift they'll be sure to love. You can make these pendants using small stones or larger stones, try out different styles so each pendant turns out differently. This is a really fun way to make affordable crystal jewelry that looks great. You can also teach your friends how to make their crystal pendants too, which could be a fun activity for everyone to do together.