Lepidolite Crystal Meaning

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This layered healing crystal with its sheet-like variations of lilac to red-violet makes a gorgeous and powerful addition to your crystal collection, but aside from its beauty, why? Let’s take a look at what makes Lepidolite beautiful in all of its forms. 

What is Lepidolite ?

Lepidolite belongs to the lithium-aluminum mica group of minerals that are often impregnated with quartz. It was first discovered in the 18th Century, but can now be found in most parts of the world. Because lepidolite is from the mica variety, it is not technically a “stone”, but has still been considered a powerful healing crystal throughout history as well as in modern times. In the middle ages, sheets of lepidolite were cut from their large masses and used as coverings for wall openings, making it one of the first known “windows” to mankind. This association is quite fitting to the metaphysical properties of the stone itself as it is known to open up portals into the spiritual world and allows us to see with our third eye. The name Lepidolite comes from a combination of the Greek words lepidos meaning “scale” and lithos meaning “stone” not only because of its sheet-like structure, but also because of the balance it brings in all aspects of our being. Lepidolite has since been known as the stone of transition, bringing new opportunities and perspectives to the seeker. This powerful healing stone promotes transformation, wisdom, awareness, emotional healing, and a deeper sense of connection to the divine. It provides the necessary fundamentals for spiritual awakening and ascension, stimulating the deeper parts of our being. Lepidolite opens the Third Eye and Crown chakras, enhancing intuition and spiritual communication while helping us to look within and plant the seed for optimal spiritual growth. It instills mental clarity, providing peace and tranquility to the wearer. Lepidolite is the perfect intuitive stone to meditate and pray with- it even makes for beautiful jewelry! If there’s one healing crystal to add to your collection, Lepidolite is the perfect choice. 

How Lepidolite Influences Us

Before we can properly benefit from a crystal, we must first understand what areas of the body and mind they relate to best, as well as how they affect us. Each healing crystal has its correlations to the zodiac, the planets, and their chakras, each affecting us in different ways, depending on their and our characteristics. Listed below are the astrological, spiritual, physical, and metaphysical aspects of Lepidolite. 

Birthstone: Libra (23rd September-22nd October), Pisces (20th February-20th March)

Libras are known to be social butterflies as they love to be around other people. They are open-minded and fair, believing strongly in justice and tend to have a give-what-you-get mentality and attitude. Libras are natural peace-makers which makes them great leaders, friends, and partners. However, because they prefer to keep the peace, Libras can sometimes be indecisive and non-confrontational, which sometimes makes them hesitant to stand up for the justice they so firmly believe in. The healing properties of Lepidolite enhances Libra’s natural goodness and brings to them emotional balance and the confidence needed to take action where necessary. Pisces are generally creative creatures, being hardworking, compassionate, and generous. However, this often means that they can become overly emotional and closed off. They look for the best in others and this often compromises their own feelings. Lepidolite helps Pisceans to balance their emotions and become more aware of their surroundings as well as the people in it. This healing stone will help them to more easily transition into stronger individuals as it strengthens them in the aspects where they need it most. 

Element: Water 

Lepidolite is associated with the element of water, bringing free flowing and ever changing properties to the wearer of this healing stone. It naturally cleanses energy and allows for easy transitioning between old, stagnant states of being into new and fresh perspectives. In the same way that a river is always changing and flowing, the healing properties of Lepidolite allows the seeker to easily move past difficult situations and hindrances to keep their personal well-being constant. 

Planet: Jupiter 

Most commonly known as the planet of luck and good fortune, Jupiter expands the mind and higher consciousness, instilling the perfect attitude necessary for attracting wealth and abundance. Lepidolite not only opens up our minds to new perspectives and opportunities, but it also aids to focus and discipline the mind. Jupiter’s optimistic and expansive energies are embedded into this healing crystal, and bring with them the positivity needed to thrive in this fast-moving world. 

Vibration Number: 8 

In numerology, each number or combination of numbers corresponds to a particular energetic vibration. Every crystal and healing stone has a vibrational frequency that is unique to its structure, shape, size, and color. This number determines the level at which the stone itself vibrates energetically and therefore how it responds to different areas of our being. Lepidolite vibrates at level 8, which corresponds most directly to the aspects of personal power and a strong will. It relates most powerfully to characteristics of strength, confidence, professionalism, freedom, and success. Numerologically, the number 8 is associated with our inclinations toward ambition, truth, and practicality, but it also gives way to the spiritual aspects of our Self. The number 8 is responsible for our powers of manifestation, which is especially evident in the properties of Lepidolite. Use the powers of this stone to firmly set your intentions and watch them materialize before your eyes (the first, second, and the third).

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown 

The chakras (otherwise known as the seven energy centers of our physical and energetic being) are responsible for all aspects of our spiritual and physical well being. The third eye chakra relates directly to our intuition and spiritual perception, while the crown chakra is representative of the highest point of our spiritual manifestation. When the third eye and crown chakras are closed or blocked, we may find it difficult to connect with our spirit guides and we may find ourselves “stuck” in the material plane. Lepidolite unblocks, opens, and purifies these chakras, allowing us to see clearly with our intuitive eye while providing a deep connection with the higher self and the Divine. Meditate with lepidolite against the forehead and atop the head to balance these energies or wear them as jewelry near the head area to assist the flow of energy throughout these centers. 

Lepidolite Healing Properties for Specific Intentions 

While different healing crystals offer different healing properties depending on their physical and metaphysical compositions, most of them offer one thing: spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Below are listed a few examples of the specific ways in which we can benefit from Lepidolite’s powerful energies. 

For Mental Clarity 

Lepidolite’s ability to clarify the mind instills inner-peace and tranquility. No one appreciates a chaotic mind (at least not traditionally); lepidolite lends its energies to the purpose of clearing out mental clutter as well as organizing our thoughts so that we may sort ourselves out -spiritually and mentally- in a more effective way. Meditating with this healing crystal will provide a peace of mind and the clarity needed to focus on your goals and ambitions, paving the pathway for success. 

For Psychic Abilities 

In relation to the Third Eye chakra, Lepidolite will enhance intuition and improve our third (spiritual) sight. For those interested in other realms, the energies of this healing crystal provide the basis for astral travel and lucid dreaming as it enhances communication between this world and the aetheric. Lepidolite is known to open portals during “sleep” and assist in the assimilation of creativity in the unconscious. Its properties also allow for grounding and stability, which are essential in psychic travel. Clairvoyance and telepathy are two more examples of how lepidolite assists to enhance psychic abilities. 

For Physical Healing 

Aside from the many spiritual healing benefits, lepidolite also aids to maintain health of the physical body. It is known to strengthen the immune system and the nervous system while helping to restructure DNA. Lepidolite can aid in the relief of tension-related disorders as well as help with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. It is excellent for joint problems and relieving symptoms of menopause. 

Cleansing and Charging your Lepidolite

Healing crystals are known to lend energy to the seeker as well as absorb the leftover energy therefrom so it’s important to cleanse your crystals often. While certain healing stones have the ability to cleanse and charge themselves, it’s still vitally important to cleanse your crystals of any stagnant or negative energy left behind, especially after it’s been touched or used in healing practices. The proper ways to cleanse and charge a crystal depend on the composition of the stone itself as certain minerals are sensitive to sunlight and water, both of which lepidolite is sensitive to because of its delicate structure. However, for cleansing, you may pass it through sage smoke or any smudge smoke of your preference. Another effective way to cleanse and charge Lepidolite is by pairing it with selenite or setting it on a selenite plate. After cleansing and charging your healing crystal, it’s also important to bond with it. Wear Lepidolite as jewelry to bond with your crystal or by simply touching it or holding it in your hand. You can even whisper your intentions into the stone! (Note that lepidolite jewelry is delicate and should be treated as such.)

Lepidolite Crystal Pairings

Oftentimes, healing crystals are paired to amplify their healing properties. For cleansing and boosting energy, a stone can be paired with light colored crystals such as clear quartz or selenite. For grounding and protection energies, pair any crystal with a dark crystal such as black tourmaline or obsidian. To enhance cleansing, purification, and protective properties, pair a light crystal with a dark crystal. However, it’s important to exercise caution when pairing two crystals of the same color as it may cause high or low intensity of energy; two dark crystals can lower vibration to a depressing level, whereas two light crystals can heighten energy and cause anxiety. Below is a list of the best crystals to pair with Lepidolite.

Lepidolite and Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz is known for its cleansing and purification energy similar to those of other crystals in the quartz family. It amplifies the healing properties of the stone it’s paired with while dispelling negativity. Smoky Quartz energy as combined with Lepidolite energy will introduce calm and peaceful energies into your environment. 

Lepidolite and Amethyst 

Amethyst’s ability to calm the mind and soothe emotional chaos makes this healing stone a perfect fit for Lepidolite’s own healing properties. Together, these crystals promote creativity, protection, and mental grounding as well as a heightened sense of intuition and psychic abilities. Lepidolite and Amethyst as a pair will open the third eye and crown chakras, allowing one to become more connected to the Divine. 

Lepidolite and Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz, as the stone of universal and unconditional love, promotes deep inner feelings of self-love, romanticism, and passion. It nurtures the soul and encourages compassion and empathy. These properties combined with those of Lepidolite make for a deeper spiritual connection based on love in all its forms. Keep them together to infuse the loving and caring properties of rose quartz into lepidolite, promoting growth and spiritual wisdom. 

Lepidolite and Selenite 

Selenite, as the master cleanser and charger, will clear out any stagnant energy from lepidolite and act as a charging battery to restore and renew any energy spent (even though energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be manipulated so it’s important to keep it positive). This combination purifies and cleanses the aura as well as the chakras. Keep them together for instant cleansing and charging of your lepidolite stone. 

Lepidolite and Black Obsidian 

Black Obsidian is a dark scrying crystal which provides grounding and protective energies. It stabilizes the emotional body and absorbs negative energy. Pairing these two will add a level of protection to any intention where Lepidolite is incorporated.